What Should I Order?

Are you pregnant?

What do I need to have on hand for my birth and immediate postpartum?

What do I need to have on hand for my baby?

What do I need to have for my milk production?  Should I start taking herbs for my milk production while I'm still pregnant?

Plugged ducts? Mastitis?

What do I use if I'm making too much milk or need to dry up my production (weaning)?

I am a Midwife.  What items would I be most interested in?

What can I do for the cold & flu season?

Need something for sleep or relaxation?

  • Happy Day Tincture - for depression.  Safe for use by anyone, including pregnant women, postpartum women, children and those on medications.

What's a tincture? Should I get tincture or tea?  The entire glass tube won't fill when taking my tincture - what should I do?