Anti-Hemorrhage Tincture


Herb Lore's Anti-Hemorrhage Tincture is used to help staunch bleeding after a birth. It is best used immediately after the birth, and as long as the bleeding continues.

Ingredients:  Organic Blue Cohosh, Yarrow, Motherwort & Alfalfa extracted in organic grape alcohol.  Herb Lore tinctures are gluten-free.   

The Blue Cohosh is an oxytocic herb, helping the uterus to contract and clamp down. Yarrow is a powerful styptic. Motherwort is well-known for being a reliable hemorrhage preventor and uterine tonic, and the Alfalfa is very high in Vitamin K, helping to coagulate blood.  For more details on this product, click here.

NOTE:  Use only at birth. This product is not for use during pregnancy. For a list of herbs to avoid during pregnancy and lactation, click here.

TESTIMONIAL:  From a midwife in OH - I had a birth on Friday and wanted to share my experience with you.  It was a long birth and the mother had bit of a tough time.  As soon as the baby was born, she began to bleed and looked like she wasn't going to stop.  I used the Anti-Hemorrhage Tincture I recently got from you, and it did the trick!  I used two doses, very close together (5 minutes maybe) and it worked very well.  Mom and baby are doing great!  R.M. 

Anti-Hemorrhage Tincture