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Herb Lore’s Labor Tincture contains herbs to help initiate labor, to re-start a stalled labor, to detach a retained placenta, to stop postpartum bleeding and to help with an incomplete miscarriage.

Labor Tincture will not force labor, but gently encourage it. If the baby is not ready to come, it will typically not work.

NOTE:  Do not use Labor Tincture until the due date to avoid causing premature labor. It is also not for use while nursing. In rare cases, the Blue Cohosh in the combination may either raise or lower blood pressure. If this uncommon effect is experienced, discontinue use.

Please view our information sheet entitled Labor Tincture (in Additional Information below or under Articles & Information) to get detailed information and usage guidelines.

Labor Tincture is available only in an alcohol-based form.

Organic Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh, Lobelia, and Ginger Root extracted in organic grape alcohol. All Herb Lore tinctures are non-GMO and are gluten-free.

Use 15 drops every 20-30 minutes during daytime hours only. See the Labor Tincture Info page under More Information for important detailed instructions and information.

I strongly recommend Herb Lore's herbs, especially their Labor Tincture.  I have seen it work many times when other things have not, and I can highly recommend it over and above anything else.  I also live in the same community as Herb Lore, and I have been to their facility.  They use only organic herbs and the best and highest quality.  I have been impressed with Pam Caldwell's (Herb Lore's founder, company herbalist and creator of the Herb Lore line) knowledge of herbs and pregnancy and lactation, and have used their products to help with all sorts of problems that women in their childbearing years have.  Most midwives know a bit about herbs, but Pam's knowledge is far greater, and because of that, has created a highly effective line of herbal products.  I highly recommend using Herb Lore's products and their information as a valuable resource for anyone.  I also think anyone who uses their herbs, especially the Labor Tincture, will not go back to any of the alternatives. 
Alison Osborn, LM, CPM, Grass Valley, CA

I would highly recommend Herb Lore and to anyone looking for a knowledgeable resource and supply place for herbal products.  I have very little knowledge when it comes to herbs, but as a midwife, I much prefer this natural alternative.  All of my questions and concerns were listened to – they were very patient and very helpful.  I now keep on hand their Labor TincturePlacenta Release Tincture, and the Hem Stopper Tincture.  At the very first birth I took these to, we waited for the placenta for quite some time.  I finally gave one dose of the Placenta Tincture and not ten minutes later, the placenta came – with no problems and no extra bleeding.  I have a lot of clients who refuse any kind of allopathic treatment, and I'm thrilled to have these herbal products on hand and Herb Lore as a knowledgeable resource for those cases when I really need the extra help!    Sharon – Colorado midwife

I have been using Herb Lore's Labor Tincture for a couple of years in our hospital practice and have been very happy with it. It seems to not increase uterine irritability as some other preparations do, and around 70% of patients started labor after using the tincture.    Olga Libova, MS, CNM, RN

After being in prodromal labor off and on for weeks while facing an upcoming induction, I decided to try the Labor Tincture. I was hoping to have a VBAC, and induction sounded daunting. Within 30 minutes of taking the tincture, my inconsistent contractions & prodromal labor kicked over to active labor – my contractions were so consistent and productive – and I had my ideal birth 6 hours later! The baby appeared perfect on the monitor the entire time & my contractions were stellar & consistent without any Pitocin! I highly recommend this product. Thank you Pam for making such incredible products & caring so much about your customers!  I am telling everyone I know!  L.O.

Hi Pam. I am a midwife and I use the Labor Tincture.  It SO ROCKS!!   I have a friend who has trouble sleeping….. she says her own thinking keeps her awake…. do you have an herbal sleep helper?  I told her I would ask you because I was SO HAPPY with the Labor Tincture that you make…  (Yes, we do!  Goodnight Combo Tincture and Goodnight Lite!)  Thank you for your herbal skills… S.S.,  LM, CPM

Sensitivity alert – this is a story from a client who miscarried. 

Dear Pam,  We cannot thank you enough for the support that you gave us through one of the most difficult events in our lives. Today, we found out from our doctor that my uterus is clean, that the sac came out (thank G-d!!) and I no longer need a D&C. Woooohooooo!!!!  We were immensely grateful that someone who we have never met in person before gave us so much support – emotionally and professionally.

In the end, we took the Labor Tincture for an entire day. Nothing much happened that day. The next day we went to purchase a tree as a memorial to our lost baby and in the middle of the plant store, my contractions began. Somehow, my body knew that this purchase was the final goodbye and it started to let go. Thank you for the suggestion to hold a ceremony and allow our grieving, which was the final release.

We went home from the plant store and the contractions were intense. For 3-4 hours, I was having immense contractions and then suddenly, I birthed the sac. I felt it and right after the birthing, my entire being went into a phase of relief. I knew then that it was done and my heart was so grateful that 1) we were guided so beautifully by you, and 2) my body did what it knows to do (with the help of the herbs). 

Once the sac was birthed, I was filled with energy!  It happened to be the night of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. It was 4 pm when everything came out and by 4:30 pm, I felt so good, I was helping my husband cook for the holiday. To start the new year with this newfound emptiness inside myself was miraculous and the greatest gift. We would have not known what to do without your advice and willingness to help us. You are truly an angel. 

We can never express our gratitude in words. In a time when I was ready to give up, you filled me with hope and the means by which to achieve that hope. Because of our email exchanges, we were able to ask the doctors smarter questions and challenge their own way of approaching this issue. We were able to hold onto the vision that our baby would have a natural departure and that my body would be saved in the process. A million thank yous for everything you did for us and our greatest appreciation for who you are in the world.

We hope to meet you someday and wish you every possible happiness in the world.

With gratitude, E. & M.D.N.

Hi!  I ordered your Labor Tincture for my pregnant daughter.  I wanted to let you know that she gave a very quick birth to a beautiful girl on Valentine's Day. We both felt your Labor Tincture helped with a sluggish labor that wasn't progressing very well. And OMG, after a few doses of your tincture, the labor became more regular and her baby was born in the triage room!  She didn't even have time to get in a labor room at the hospital. (yeah, it was a hospital birth, but was so quick, the hospital didn't have time to intervene). So thank you, you have a great product!  S.H.

A friend introduced me to this herbal line during my second trimester, I started using Pregnancy Tea Plus Tincture during the last six weeks of my pregnancy. I used the Labor Tincture at the hospital.  I got to the hospital at 1:30am, and was 3cm. My baby was born at 4:30am. I credit the tinctures for helping to move things along. The After Birthing Ease Tincture helped with those uterine contractions that happen after birth (baby number 4 so they were intense).  I’ve been using Blessed Thistle Tincture to help with milk production. I use the Rescue Remedy for me and my kids. I swear by these products!!!  H.N.J.