TINCTURES: What's a dropperful? It doesn't fill up the whole glass tube!

People are commonly confused when they read tincture directions suggesting they take a "dropperful" or two of a tincture.  When they squeeze the bulb on the droppertop, they are surprised to see that it fills the glass tube only a little bit of the way.  They try to squeeze harder to try to fill it completely, but it never works.  This is why:

November's special - 20% off of herbs for the cold & flu season!

Hi all!

First thing - we're pleased to announce that our Quiet Cough Tincture is back!  One of the herbs from our original formula (Osha Root, aka Bear Root) became endangered and difficult to get.  As we don't ever want to contribute to any herb's endangered status, we opted to eliminate this herb from the mixture and to re-formulate it using Thyme and Elecampane Root.  Both are wonderful for the respiratory tract, helping as an expectorant, antibacterial, antiseptic, and antispasmodic.  They help in cases of cough from cold or flu, bronchitis, sinusitis, tuburculosis, asthma, whooping cough, and other respiratory issues.  Please note that it is NOT safe or appropriate for pregnant or breastfeeding women, but the herb Mullein is fine for both.  Mullein is also one of the herbs featured in the Quiet Cough Formula.  I have to say, after going through a little cold this past week, I like our new Quiet Cough Tincture even better than the old blend!  It just "feels good" - it felt good in my body (like my body was just absorbing the nutrients and healing properties), it felt good on my sore throat, and it sure helped eliminate my cough.  I am VERY happy with this blend! 

July's special - 20% discount!

Well, this month started out a little different than usual!  I'm writing this to you from Portland, OR, as I'm here with my "baby" (who just finished her freshman year in college!) who came down with Mono and strep!  Yikes!  I forgot that that could be a "thing" for college age kids!  So I came up as quickly as I could to help take care of her and give her some good mama lovin' and medicine!  So this month, in honor of her, and a dear customer request - AND in light that school starts for many kiddos in just a month or so (believe it or not - didn't summer just start?), we're offering our Astragalus, Echinacea, Cold & Flu Tincture, Healing Salve, and Hemorrhoid Salve on special this month.

June special - 20% off of MANY things for the summer!

We're getting a bit of a late start with our special this month but we have many items on special for summer-time use!  All of our books, CD's and card sets are on special, as well as some herbal items that we though would be soothing and helpful for summertime heat - that might make one cranky and uncomfortable, whether they are little people or big people.

January 2017 monthly special! Fenugreek & Goat's Rue - 20% off!

Hi all!  Happy New Year!  Last month, we featured our Nursing Tea and Nursing Tincture, so this month, we are offering our Goat's Rue Tincture and Fenugreek Caps (all vegi!) and Fenugreek Tincture on sale - 20% off all month!  There are a few things to know about these herbs, and how to use them correctly for best results, and THIS LINK will give you all of that good information.

November special - herbs for stress, anxiety and immune health!

Well, I think everybody is really feeling the stress and anxiety these days, and a lot of us are even sick.  Cold & flu season has begun, and all of the extra, and extra-ordinary, stress we're under is not helping. So this month, we are featuring products to help alleviate the stress, anxiety and insomnia, as well as herbs to help bolster our immune systems, and herbs to help us get well should we get sick.  Here they are:


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