TINCTURES: What's a dropperful? It doesn't fill up the whole glass tube!

People are commonly confused when they read tincture directions suggesting they take a "dropperful" or two of a tincture.  When they squeeze the bulb on the droppertop, they are surprised to see that it fills the glass tube only a little bit of the way.  They try to squeeze harder to try to fill it completely, but it never works.  This is why:

January 2017 monthly special! Fenugreek & Goat's Rue - 20% off!

Hi all!  Happy New Year!  Last month, we featured our Nursing Tea and Nursing Tincture, so this month, we are offering our Goat's Rue Tincture and Fenugreek Caps (all vegi!) and Fenugreek Tincture on sale - 20% off all month!  There are a few things to know about these herbs, and how to use them correctly for best results, and THIS LINK will give you all of that good information.

November special - herbs for stress, anxiety and immune health!

Well, I think everybody is really feeling the stress and anxiety these days, and a lot of us are even sick.  Cold & flu season has begun, and all of the extra, and extra-ordinary, stress we're under is not helping. So this month, we are featuring products to help alleviate the stress, anxiety and insomnia, as well as herbs to help bolster our immune systems, and herbs to help us get well should we get sick.  Here they are:


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