Bios and pictures of the rest of Herb Lore's staff coming soon!  The below info is about our founder, Pam Caldwell.

Pam Caldwell is a Certified Herbalist, Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum & Lactation Specialist, Ordained Minister, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Certified Intuitive, Certified Professional Spiritual Teacher, and Reiki Master.

At a very young age, Pam was having experiences and feeling people in her room that she couldn’t understand.  She finally had the idea to call on Jesus and his “big stick” (in her little girl language) to come and protect her, and that greatly helped, making her feel safe and feel peace.  Pam has worked with Jesus ever since, and also Mother Mary, ArchAngels Michael and Raphael, God, and a host of other Angels and ArchAngels in the work that she does for her clients.

Pam studied for years trying to make sense of her gifts, and ultimately was accepted into a class that put it all together for her, which was her Angel Therapy training. That was her place, that’s where she belonged! This training helped Pam to understand what was happening for her and how to use it for her and her client’s highest and best good, and how to control her gifts so that it wasn’t overwhelming or draining for her.

Pam can connect with a person’s Angels and receive information for her client, she can help her client to connect with their Angels themselves.  She can help guide her clients with their questions, such as relationships, career, abundance, and any other area of life they may need guidance or direction.

In the course of doing herbal consultations for her clients, she found that the baby’s energy would frequently show up and either tell her what was needed in order for the baby to be conceived, or what the baby needed in order to get the birth process started.  She could give her clients information on their baby’s personality and what support they may need during their life. Her clients report that what Pam has told them has been extremely accurate.

Pam has also been a lifelong energy healer.  She wouldn’t realize that this is what she was doing for many years, but as a child, she became adept at shifting and healing energies. She had heard of Reiki and had a few sessions, and although she didn’t really understand it or how it worked, she knew it was a profound healing modality.  Pam was eventually guided to do Reiki training for herself, and found that this was also a place and modality where she belonged. It fit her and what she’s always done perfectly, and she is now a Certified Reiki Master.

Pam Caldwell's Mission Statement and Life Purpose

My purpose is to use my loving and healing nature and my gift of insight to help others heal anything that may be creating blocks, difficulty, or lack in any area of their lives. To empower and inspire others to live in truth (to themselves and to others), in integrity (to themselves and to others), to know the truth of who they are, realizing their Divine Nature and their own personal power and strength, so that they can live the fulfilling, abundant, joyful life of their dreams!

It is my mission to heal, inspire and empower!

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