This page contains links to information we feel is of importance to new and expectant parents, as well as links to people and organizations.


Information on “crying it out”

A Harvard study on the long-term effects of “crying it out”

Another on crying it out and how it affects baby's growing brain and neurons

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep

Truths about Sleeping Through the Night and New Motherhood

Ten Reasons Not to Hit Your Child

How Spanking Decreases Intellingence

If you decide you must spank, please consider these respectful guidelines





Ask Dr. Sears
Pediatrician, parenting expert

Association for Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH)

Baby Bistro Brands
Founder:  Christina Schmidt, a board certified Nutrition Educator. Her interest in creating a healthy nutritional foundation during pregnancy and early childhood years led her to develop the concept of easy-to-use recipe boxes for new parents, full of feeding tips, baby food recipes, and shopping suggestions.  Great resource for feeding baby healthy!     

Bay Area Birth Info  (BABI)

Birth With Love
Ollie Hamilton, LDEM, CPM
On-Line Midwifery Supplies and Birth Info

Birthing From Within

Birthing the Future - Suzanne Arms

Blossom Birth Services
Bay Area Peninsula birth resource center.  Provides pregnancy, birth and postpartum education and support.

Casa Natal Birth Center
Morgan Hill, CA

Children's Past Lives

DONA International

Harmony Birth Resources
South Bay Area birth resource center.  Provides pregnancy, birth and postpartum education and support.

Healthy Horizons Peninsula Breastfeeding Center
Breastfeeding assistance, prenatal and postpartum assistance, classes for pregnant and new mothers, breast pump rentals, baby products and more!

La Leche League

Midwifery Today

The Midwife's Mercantile
Midwife owned and operated.  Carries many Herb Lore products as well as Young Living Essential Oils and other products for a green and non-toxic household.  If you're interested in Essential Oils, they are very knowledgeable about what you can use, what's safe and appropriate for your situaiton.  Shipping is available within the US, or you can pick up locally in Savannah, GA.  Please see our Find a Store page for their contact info and address.

Mothering Magazine

National Organization of Circumcision Information Resources Centers

Natural Resources
A pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting education and resource center located in San Francisco, CA.  They offer a variety of classes, parent groups, helpful products, equipment rental, support and information for new and expectant parents.

Nursing Mother's Council

Peaceful Parenting

Dr. Gayle Peterson (Ask Dr. Gayle)
Specializing in pregnancy, birth (including birth trauma), and making healthy families.

Sage Mountain Herbs
Rosemary Gladstar

Tiny Tots Diaper Service & Baby Boutique
A cloth diaper delivery service located in Campbell, CA with a lovely little baby boutique filled with many items for baby and mom.  Along with delivering their cloth diapers, they will also deliver items from their Baby Boutique, including Herb Lore products.

Touch the Future
This website has great statistics and information on the benefits of breastfeeding and how long a baby should be breastfed for the maximum benefits under the "Bonding" section.  This website is filled with wonderful information!

Waterbirth International
This amazing organization is dedicted to providing education and information on waterbirth, how it works and what the benefits are, as well as all supplies you will need for your own waterbirth.  Please visit this website today - there is much to learn, you can read some empowering, beautiful and amazing birth stories here, and you can list your own water birth story here as well!  This website and organization is truly an invaluable resource for all birthing families.  You truly must see!! 


For San Francisco Bay Area local resources:

Midwife Archives - Information about all aspects of  pregnancy, birth and well-woman care from a midwifery perspective: 

Homebirth Safety and Benefits - Information about the superior safety and intangible benefits of homebirth, with links to corroborating resources:

Is Homebirth for You?  Six Myths about Childbirth Exposed.  This is a pamphlet discussing why homebirth is safer than hospital birth for most healthy women.  An on-line version of the booklet produced by Friends of Homebirth.



Oh Pam, you are remarkable, and that spills over into your incredibly-created, life-changing products!  I’m not exaggerating. With the help of Fenugreek, I was able to breastfeed my son till he was 10 months. I would’ve been able to keep going, but I found out I was pregnant again and my supply ceased. The other products I love are the Tummy TinctureHealing Salve, and Itch Relief. These last three items my whole family has used and loved! The past year I bought the Healing Salve at least 6 times! This stuff is a must have for EVERY household. As the original detailed info stated ‘Typical results is that it will heal a diaper rash within hours overnight in severe cases’ Absolutely 100% true!!! I cannot rave enough about this product!  You can feel good that you’re putting something that’s healthy on your child and your other family members, their skin is not going to be absorbing anything unnatural or toxic. I’m going to buy this for my cousins that are having babies. Now, the Tummy Tincture was a must for my son and I while I was breastfeeding because we both became bloated while I was taking a larger quantity of the Fenugreek. This helped immensely!  Pam, you have done a phenomenal job at meticulously detailing every product and which products work in tandem with one another.  I forgot to mention that I also purchased and love the Garlic Ear Oil. It’s given my aching ears relieve many many times. Even when the doctor says she doesn’t see anything out of ordinary within my ears (even though I feel an earache coming on), I turn to this product for help. I only have to use it overnight to feel relief.  I think that’s everything about the products. Now about you Pam. I have reached out to you twice about problems. You graciously and extensively answered me in depth and with compassion. The entire Herb Lore community is so positive and loving because of you and your products. Thank you so much for making healthy organic natural remedies that really do work, and improve mine and my family and friends lives. I wish you many blessings.  Deep gratitude, TLC