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The herbs, herbal remedies and product claims listed within this website or any of Herb Lore's informational materials have not been evaluated by and are not approved by the FDA. The actions listed of each herb or herbal product are descriptions of their traditional uses and are for informational use only.

As everyone's body is different, herbs and products made from herbs may have varying effects upon each individual using them.  Herbs and products made from herbs are not guaranteed to work or to work the same for everyone. 

Herb Lore's products and services, including Pam Caldwell's services, are not meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure disease or any other health issue, nor are they meant to replace or deny any advice from any other medical professional or doctor.

Herb Lore (or any agencies carrying or selling Herb Lore products) will not be held responsible for any reactions, adverse effects, or misuse of its products or advice, as they are merely suggestions that the client chooses to use or not to use of his or her own free will. 

By paying money and purchasing Herb Lore products, whether directly from Herb Lore or from any of their retailers or affiliates, the customer has agreed to and understands the above information. 


Please note that once your package leaves our facility, it is no longer under the control of Herb Lore, and is in the hands of the shipper, therefore Herb Lore cannot replace or issue refunds for any packages that are lost, damaged, stolen, abandoned, misrouted or are undeliverable, or that are confiscated by Customs on international orders. 


Herb Lore will happily issue a credit or refund for any unopened and unused product purchased from Herb Lore that is in re-sellable condition (meaning product bottle, label, tamper evident seal all in good condition and intact).

Herb Lore will not accept returns or give refunds for product purchased from any of our retailers.  You must make your return to the retailer that you purchased the product from.

Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase from Herb Lore.

Please notify the office of your return by email at herbinfo@herblore.com

After notifying Herb Lore, please return the item(s) in question to:

If by USPS Mail:
Herb Lore
P.O. Box 1998
Nevada City, CA 95959

if by UPS or FedEx:
Herb Lore
13281 Grass Valley Avenue
Grass Valley, CA  95945

Upon receipt of the unopened, unused and re-sellable product by Herb Lore, you may choose to either receive a credit to be kept on file toward future purchases, or we will be glad to refund the cost of the product by issuing a refund check.  Important:  Please put a note inside the box reminding us about the return, the reason why, and whether you'd like the credit to use towards a future purchase or a refund check.

  • Herb Lore will refund the cost of product(s) plus any applicable taxes only, but not shipping charges if the product has already been shipped. 
  • Return shipping charges are the responsibility of the purchaser. 
  • We are not able to refund a credit card as we are not given any of your credit card information by our website's credit card processor, to ensure your privacy and security.
  • We can issue refund checks for products totaling $100 or less.  Anything over this will be credited back by a credit coupon to be used towards a future purchase.  
  • Credit coupons can be issued immediately, but please allow 30 days from the date you return the product for a refund check to be issued. 


We will gladly provide a credit for a future purchase or refund check (as described above) for any cancelled orders made prior to shipping.  Shipping charges will also be included in your credit or refund check if the order is cancelled prior to shipping.  If the product has already been shipped to you, it would then be considered a return and shipping charges would not be credited.  Notify the office at herborders@herblore.com to request an order cancellation.  Please keep in mind that we do try to ship orders on the same business day that they're received if placed before the order cut-off time, so notifying us as quickly as possible will ensure an easy cancellation and full amount towards your credit or refund check - or if you'd like to order a different product instead and use that money towards it. In your email, please let us know which option you'd like.


We have taken important steps to ensure that your personal and payment information is secure and that your privacy is respected.

Herb Lore will never sell, trade, distribute or share customer information, such name, e-mail address, phone number, mailing address or any part of our customer's information.

Here's what we do with the information you provide:


We use your IP address to help identify you and your shopping cart when ordering from Herb Lore on-line. Herblore.com also uses cookies to keep track of what's placed in the shopping cart and verify your login status.


We track what pages are being accessed by our visitors in order to determine what information we are providing is helpful and what is not. With this information, we can adjust our website to better serve our clients.


We use your e-mail address to contact you about your order and to notify you about special sales, promotions or classes that may be of interest to you. You always have the choice to opt-out of these notifications at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link near the bottom of the newsletter or by emailing Herb Lore via our contact form.


We use your mailing address to fulfill orders and your email or phone number only if there is a problem with your order. Occasionally we may send a special announcement to your address. You always have the choice to opt-out of mailings to your mailing address by contacting us.


The credit card information you provide when ordering is used to bill you for the products you order from Herb Lore. Your credit card information is encrypted with the latest SSL technology. Upon placement of your order, the credit card processing company checks the information you give against information they have on file for you, along with many other fraud checks to ensure your credit card security. An email will then be immediately sent to you outlining your order and the amount your card has been charged.  Herb Lore is not given any of your credit card information, including the number or even what type of card was used, when being notified of your order details.  The credit card information is kept private and secure with our credit card processing company.  

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A little story about Healing Salve. I went, week before last, to help a friend with a project (I had promised to help with) out of town. While I was doing it, I cut my right thumb, right across the pad. Not too bad (but worse than a paper cut) but since it is my dependent hand, it was VERY sore and totally inconvenient and pretty much useless. We got home late the next day and I could hardly grasp anything that required "the thumb". I honestly was getting concerned because it did not look that great. I cleaned it, applied Healing Salve and a band aid and went to bed. When I woke up the next morning, all soreness was gone and I should not have been amazed at the amount of healing that occurred, but I once again was truly flabbergasted. All I could say was, "Thank you Jesus and Pam Caldwell for making this wonderful stuff. It is truly FIRST AID in a jar. Thank you!!!  J.W.