Pam's Story & the Birth of Herb Lore


A Little About Pam Caldwell, founder of Herb Lore and creator of Herb Lore products....

Pam Caldwell grew up in a traditional allopathic medical environment. Prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications were dispensed freely in their household, as was done in many households during that time. Pam noticed that many of these medications created other problems for her or made her actually feel worse than she did to begin with! Pam also grew up with an intense love for and connection with the plant kingdom. As her father was a horticulturist and her mother a nurse, this set the perfect stage for Pam to explore and use plants as a healing modality. Not only did Pam have a strong connection with plants and herbs, but she knew at age 11 that her life's work would somehow include helping women birth their babies.

Many years passed. As a young adult, Pam was given a ticket to travel to Hawaii, and she decided to escape the corporate world and to move there rather than just to visit. While living in Hawaii, she met amazing people who would show her the native plants and how they could be used for healing. This awakened a long-held passion and knowledge held deep within Pam's soul. From then on, Pam would learn all she could about this ancient art and how she could use it in her own life and for the good of those who would come to her for healing.

A few years later, Pam was asked to attend her first birth. Profoundly moved by the experience, Pam was compelled to learn more about the pregnancy, birth, postpartum and lactation process and how to make it the powerful, sacred experience she knew this event to be. Shortly after Pam completed her formal herbal schooling, she began midwifery training. A short time into this process, Pam began the most incredible learning experience of her life - she became pregnant herself!

As Pam progressed through her pregnancy, she was continually challenged in finding good quality herbal products for herself and her growing baby, so she started making a few products for herself. These products began to become very popular with other pregnant women and with midwives, doulas and lactation consultants in the area. As Pam went through labor, birth, postpartum and began breastfeeding, she began to learn the real and intimate needs of women traveling this sacred journey first-hand.  Thanks to this, her herbal product line and her expertise grew.

Many years later, Pam has become an expert in these areas and has helped thousands of women to overcome challenges ranging from fertility issues to pregnancy, birth, postpartum and lactation issues. Pam now has hospitals, pediatricians and other health professionals referring their patients to Pam for her expertise and knowledge, as well as for the high-quality, organic herbal products that her company, Herb Lore, has to offer.

Pam's passion is to empower birthing families and to help make this magical time of life the sacred event that is meant to be. She does this by alleviating fear through education and helping women solve problems with information and herbal products (if needed), so that they can enjoy and savor this special time to the absolute fullest! She knows and trusts the body's natural ability to birth and to heal itself, and empowers her clients to understand and embrace this awareness too.  Pam has thousands of clients all over the United States and is beginning to become internationally known as well. She is the author of the forthcoming book "Herbs and Wisdom for Your Sacred Birthing Journey ".

One thing that sets Pam Caldwell apart from others is her intuitive abilities. Pam has been psychic since childhood and although she didn't understand it at the time, had the ability to see and hear spirit and the Angelic Realm. She works closely with this realm in her work now, and utilizes the Angels' wisdom and guidance in all that she does, including infusing all of her herbal products with the Angels' healing energies. Pam has the ability to "read" a client's body to help ascertain what the root cause of their physical ailment might be. She does not diagnose or cure illness or disease, but can help the client determine what might truly be behind their physical issues. Pam studied at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and is certified as an Angel Therapy Practitioner®Medium, and Professional Spiritual Teacher by Dr. Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., author of "Healing with the Angels", "Angel Therapy" and "Messages from Your Angels" among many others.  She is also is a Six SensoryTM Practitioner certified by Sonia Choquette, ThetahealingTM Practitioner, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Counselor, Energy Healer, and Medical Intuitive. 

Pam also has the ability to connect with people's "spirit babies", providing information and messages from clients' babies, whether they have been conceived yet or not.  It has been an invaluable tool that has helped many struggling with fertility issues, learning what they might be able to do to increase their chances of conception.  This skill has helpful to find out why labor might not be starting, or for people just wanting to get to know their future new one a little bit better.

Pam also noticed that some of her clients were having a more difficult time achieving their desired results than others were.  She knew intuitively it was simply because there was a belief, block or fear lying under the surface, even unconscious ones that her client might be completely unaware of.  Pam searched for over a year to find the right energetic healing modality to help her clients clear these blocks.  After experiencing many modalities that weren't "quite it", she discovered Theta Healing.  Theta Healing a phenomenal healing tool that has worked wonders for herself and others. This healing applies to any area of life, health and balance in the body, in relationships, finances, career - any area that one might be experiencing imbalance and struggle.   Pam is now a certified Theta Healing Practitioner and offers this service to her clients as well as her herbal and intuitive work.   Pam offers these consultations as well as spiritual counseling, business and life coaching.  Because Pam works by phone and by e-mail, she is able to do consultations for clients living anywhere in the world.

Pam is a member of the American Herb Association and United Plant Savers and their Botanical Sanctuary Network, an organization dedicated to saving and re-establishing endangered herb species. Pam is also a member of Birthing and Early Parenting Educators (BEPE), a group of experienced professionals started by Dr. David Chamberlain, author of "The Mind of Your Newborn Baby". This group of professionals share the belief that creating a healthy society starts with healthy, happy families. They promote the fact that babies are aware, sensitive, open and communicative from the very beginning, even while still in the womb and prior to conception. They provide education for birthing families about holistic pregnancy and childbirth, breastfeeding, and conscious parenting to give their babies the most healthy and advantageous start possible - all gifts that will last their child a lifetime. For more information, please visit BEPE at

Pam is available for personal consultations.  Click here for details!