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TINCTURES: What's a dropperful? It doesn't fill up the whole glass tube!

People are commonly confused when they read tincture directions suggesting they take a "dropperful" or two of a tincture.  When they squeeze the bulb on the droppertop, they are surprised to see that it fills the glass tube only a little bit of the way.  They try to squeeze harder to try to fill it completely, but it never works.  This is why:

June's special - 20% off of items we never discount!

Hello all!

We're putting some items on special this month that we hardly ever offer!  We sell so much of each of them that it didn't make sense to put them on special ....they are some of our most popular products - its hard enough to keep them on the shelves as it is!  Lol!  But we planned ahead, and this month (my birthday month!), they will be featured on sale as my gift to you! 

Plus, a lot of nursing moms find they have a dip in their milk supply (or kiddos with tummy upset) when traveling, so the timing seemed perfect to offer these, just in time for summer travel and vacations. Here goes!

April's monthly special - 20% off!

To follow the theme begun last month, this month's special is pregnancy-related.  Hopefully the herbs for fertility and pre-conception that were on special for last month have worked already, and you are now in need of some pregnancy herbs!  (In reality, it can take some time for these fertility herbs to work, so if they haven't for you by now, not to worry!  That is totally normal.  Keep going with them, as the longer you use them, the better they work.) 

Here is what is on special this month:

Sleep and Relaxation Herbs - special sale at 20% off!

We've been hearing from so many people that they're having a really hard time sleeping these days, especially since the recent time change.  We were planning to offer these items next month, but in light of the current need, we are doing it now as a special sale - our herbs for sleep and relaxation at 20% off.  Here's what's on the special:

Immune System Herbs - help for colds & flu on special - 20%

I know this is longer than my usual blog post, but please bear with me - it has some very important information for you that you will want to see, especially a point made at the end. 

Its been a hard-hitting season for illness and these herbs and this information will help.  (Note:  do not hesitate to seek medical help if necessary.  Sometimes the herbs are enough to do it, but sometimes its necessary and appropriate to take more aggressive steps through your doctor or urgent care. The flu can be serious - don't let it get out of hand.  Seek medical help if needed.)

Here's what we're offering at a 20% discount as a special sale:


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