Herbs for pregnant and nursing moms is not your regular herbalism!

Many herbalists have extensive knowledge about using herbs, but not many are specifically trained in using herbs with pregnant, trying-to-conceive or breastfeeding mothers.  This is a whole other realm of herbalism with critical considerations and consequences for pregnant and nursing mothers and their babies.  Our herbalist and company founder, Pam Caldwell, is one of the few herbalists who specialize in this area, with over 20 years of experience.  She is knowledgeable about what works and what herbs to use for various problems, and especially what is safe and appropriate for pregnant moms, trying-to-conceive moms, and breastfeeding moms and their babies.  What might be safe for a regular person may be contraindicated (or even dangerous) for a pregnant or breastfeeding woman or her baby.  The importance of using products made by an expert or listening to advice from an expert when pregnant or breastfeeding cannot be understated.   

Pam was made acutely aware of this fact in her early years when she was working for another herbalist (who was wonderful and very knowledgeable), but even she wasn't aware of what was safe and what was not.  Pam would ask her if various herbs were safe for pregnant women (as she was starting her midwifery training at that point), and her boss would say yes.  Pam found out later that several of the herbs actually were NOT safe for pregnant women as she had stated.  This was a jarring realization for Pam as she learned what could have happened had one of those customers been pregnant.  This is why she takes such care to make sure the herbs she uses in her formulas are specifically designed for and are safe for pregnant women, nursing women, and their babies.  Over and over Pam will go into herb shops and find lactation teas or pregnancy teas with herbs that should not be included a formula such as that.  Regular herbalists have immense knowledge, but they just don't know this level of specialized information.  It's nothing to screw around with or to take lightly. 

Pam has created the Herb Lore line of products with pregnant and breastfeeding moms specifically in mind utilizing her specialized knowledge and expertise.  She and Herb Lore's products have been a trusted resource by midwives, OB's, Lactation Consultants, pediatricians and other mama/baby care providers around the world since 1996.  We have a product or solution for just about anything a trying-to-conceive, pregnant, lactating, or new mom might need, or any problem they may encounter.  Because of our specialized information, the Herb Lore website and its information are frequently used as required reading in various birthworker or doula trainings. The products that she's created and that Herb Lore offers are safe for use by pregnant and breastfeeding moms, unless otherwise stated in the product description and on the product label.  

When researching herbs for yourself as a pregnant mom, a trying-to-conceive mom (we consider you pregnant already, as you never know when you might be!), and nursing mom, keep in mind that there are herbs that might be fine for regular folks, but could be harmful to your babe. Use a specialist whenever you can.  The importance is crucial.

Please see our article (found in Articles & Information, under the Information tab, Herbs to Avoid During Pregnancy and Lactation


The first time I had mastitis (breast infection), I thought I just had the flu. I had a newborn and I was totally incapacitated and could not take care of him. Then a week later over lunch, I was discussing my "flu" with a girlfriend who said it sounded like mastitis, and that she had had it when she was nursing. I got mastitis again and called my OB/GYN. She prescribed antibiotics over the phone without even seeing me. The third time I got mastitis, I insisted the doctor see me. She gave me antibiotics again. But at least this time she told me about nursing consultants that I could visit. Then I paid a visit to a lactation consultant, who, although much more comforting than the doctor, and who was able to arm me with a lot of information, still had no "cure" for me other than hot compresses. However, she did give me a referral to Herb Lore. After my 5th bout of mastitis, I finally called Herb Lore, who got Poke Root to me in one day. I drank two drops of Poke Root diluted in a glass of water, and the mastitis went away. I've never had mastitis again. I also gave it to several of my mommy friends and it helped them too. I was at my wits end and Herb Lore saved me! Pam talks to you as long as necessary and she is very comforting. She helped me achieve a balance with my milk production so that I wouldn't risk getting mastitis again. It was a great success! Thank you so much!  C.H.