Mom: "I've never had a baby hit their weight gain before!" How did she do it??

I had a mom come to me the other day who was pregnant with her 4th baby.  She had had a history of low breastmilk production with all 3 of her previous babies, and was worried she would experience the same thing this time around too.  We chatted a while about her situation and I suggested some herbs that she could take.  I also told her about how stress can negatively affect milk supply, and that she really needed to ask for help with household chores and taking care of the other kids.  Today I got this email from her:  

Thank you so much Pam!  I really appreciate your wisdom.  Today, I brought baby in for a weight check and I was AMAZED to learn that his weight was right on track!  Woo hoo!  I've never had a baby hit their weight gain before.  So thank you, so much, for helping me this far.  It feels like a miracle!  And I took your advice about resting and handing off work and child care to those around me.  When baby and I came home from the hospital, we went straight up to the bedroom and camped out - just nursing and sleeping - for many days.  I think that really helped too.  I just wish I had done these things with the other babies!!

We women tend to have a hard time asking for help.  But its imperative, and makes a world of difference, as my client found out for herself.  Even with her first baby, she had trouble with milk production and weight gain for her baby.  One baby is obviously easier than three, and especially four!  But she found out first-hand that taking this precious time with her newborn, getting advice on herbs that would be most beneficial for her, asking for help with household chores and with her other kids, helped boost her production and give her the results that she did not have with her other three babies.  So mamas, please learn by her example.  Your friends and family would be thrilled and HONORED to help you!  Do you remember how good it feels to help someone?  By allowing others to give to you and to help YOU, you are giving a gift to them at the same time that they are giving a gift to you.  Its a beautiful win-win!  You are worth it!

xoxo Pam



Pam's tinctures, blog posts and Q&As have been such a Godsend as I've navigated the ups and downs of motherhood this year, and I am so deeply grateful for all that she does! I first discovered her products at Healthy Horizons in Burlingame when I was starting to get recurrent plugged ducts while trying to breastfeed my daughter, and my lactation consultant recommended Herb Lore's Poke Root tincture to me. It was hugely helpful in clearing up any plugs that I had going on, but unfortunately they started recurring more and more frequently and I eventually had to make the decision to wean my baby off and dry up the milk I was producing. I then switched to Herb Lore's Sage Tincture which helped me dry up safely, while continuing to nurse my baby as long as I could. After that I discovered her other non-alcohol based tinctures including Astragalus, Echinacea, Cold & Flu, Quiet Cough and also her Teething Tincture, and I love that I now have a natural, drug-free way to protect my family from all the germs and flu viruses around us especially during flu season. And of course with my baby's teething pains! Pam and her guidance, information and herbal tinctures have now become such a big part of my family's life and health that I don't know what I'd do without her. Thank you Pam!  RJ