Allergies? Breastfeeding and considering antihistamines?

Spring and summer are high-allergy times for many, breastfeeding moms included. The common approach is to take an anti-histimine to help alleviate the symptoms. You may not know, however, that these anti-histimines can also decrease or dry up breastmilk!  

These medications are made to dry up secretions and fluids. It will not differentiate between the different body fluids and can commonly decrease breastmilk production.  

So keep this in mind if you’re thinking of resorting to anti-histimines. Make sure that the one you’re interested in won’t have this effect on you and your breastmilk.

A helpful and effective alternative is the herb Nettle (also known as Stinging Nettle).  Its fine for use while pregnant or breastfeeding, and is highly nutritious.  Many people swear by this herb to alleviate their allergy symptoms!   Homeopathy is also very effective in alleviating allergies.

We have Nettle in our Dandelion & Nettle Tincture which is absolutely fine and safe to take while pregnant or nursing.