Fertility & Hormones

This has always mystified me.  I’ve talked to A LOT of women who are working on fertility – trying to become pregnant – who have worked with fertility clinics.  Frequently, they say the doctors don’t check for hormone imbalance!  This is a huge factor in whether a woman can become pregnant or not!  

If there is hormone imbalance, perhaps she may not be ovulating, or her luteal phase (second half of the menstrual cycle, which comes after ovulation) isn’t long enough. These things can definitely hamper conception!  

Rather than addressing that, they tend to jump in and start administering drugs to force a simulated cycle and/or forcing several eggs to be released.  The drugs and hormones can be almost more than a woman can endure.  (Let me say here, that I am generalizing and passing along stories frequently told to me, but that does not tend to apply to every situation or doctor.)  

I tend to work very differently.  I work at helping a woman’s body regain her own natural hormonal balance, thus making conception easier in many cases and helping one conceive naturally.  

One of my favorite herbs for this is Vitex.  This link will give you details on how and why it works so well.  

You can also see a typical (although amazing!) testimonial (one of many) that we’ve received about its use and success in conception at that link also.  (More stories can be seen at Testimonials – scroll down to the Women’s Health section.)  

I usually have women say that they “resorted” to natural therapies (like herbs) after going through several rounds of unsuccessful fertility treatments.  I would LOVE for women to start with natural therapies first, and then stair step up to more aggressive and invasive methods if they need to.  Chances are good that they wouldn’t need these more aggressive means at all, and can save themselves a lot of time, physical and emotional discomfort, and a LOT of money.  

One concern I have with fertility treatments that involve drugs or hormones that cause more than one egg to be released at a time is this:  We are born with all the eggs we will ever have.  If several are released in one month, we will go through those eggs much faster.  This could cause early menopause for these women.  

There are many other concerns regarding the use of artificial drugs and hormones, which is beyond the scope of this blog today and that is not my area of expertise, but I would just encourage women who are working with their fertility to seek natural therapies first, as they are so much more gentle, and even supportive and nutritive to the body.  You will usually end up here anyway!  (Just sayin’!) 

If you do choose fertility treatments that involve drugs and hormones, I urge you to research the side effects (short-term and long-term) of these drugs before signing up.  I cannot emphasize the importance of this enough.

That said, should you choose the more natural route, I do like to do consultations with women working with fertility because everybody’s situation can all be different.  We do not adhere to the “one size fits all” type of thinking.  Our bodies and situations can all be very different.  I do commonly suggest Vitex though, as it works so incredibly well to bring hormonal balance no matter which way a woman is out of balance, but it is wise to try to determine what the underlying situation is, and then specifically address that.  

I am even able to utilize my medical intuitive capabilities here, which women find of great help.  This link will give you more info about my consultations.  It also includes a link with more information on my intuitive work, including “baby readings”.