Ease the quease Tincture (formerly Nausea Ease Tincture)

Ease the Quease Tincture was formulated specifically for morning sickness in pregnant mothers, but is helpful for any type of nausea, including travel sickness.

It is made from all Certified Organic, contains no caffeine, preservatives or additives, and are of the freshest and highest quality possible. 

The tincture comes in a regular alcohol-base or in a non-alcohol version, which is great for children or for those who simply prefer a non-alcohol product. Alcohol-based tinctures extract more of the medicinal properties of the herbs, making them a little more potent and effective, and are safe for use by pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. The amount of alcohol per dose is the equivalent of eating a very ripe banana.  More about tinctures, how to take them and the safety of use for pregnant and breastfeeding women can be seen HERE.

Herb Lore’s Ease the Quease Tincture contains organic Ginger Root, Peppermint Leaf, Fennel Seed, Red Raspberry Leaf, Chamomile Blossom, Wild Yam Root, and Dandelion Root. Ginger Root is one of the most effective herbs to prevent and relieve nausea of any kind. When used prior to traveling, for example, it will help prevent any travel-related stomach upset. Peppermint Leaf is soothing to the digestive system and also helps to relieve nausea. Fennel Seed is specific for relieving gas and indigestion, and for relaxing intestinal spasms. Red Raspberry Leaf is highly nutritive and helps to soothe nausea – morning sickness in particular. Chamomile is a relaxant and is also used to relieve colic, indigestion, gas and its accompanying pain.  Wild Yam Root is an herb famous for relieving morning sickness, and Dandelion Root helps support liver health and function.

NOTE: Due to the Ginger Root, it is advised to test a small amount first. If the straight tincture is too spicy, it may be diluted in water and sipped as desired.  This is especially important if giving the tincture to a child. (Dosage suggestions for a child.)

Ease the Quease Tincture is safe for use by pregnant and nursing mothers. Although this product was formulated specifically for pregnant women and morning sickness, it will effectively relieve any type of nausea for anyone. It was very helpful for our Owner and Herbalist Pam as she underwent cancer treatment. The herbs in these products will bring immediate relief!

Suggestions for use:

There are really no rules here, and no wrong way to take this tincture. As with all tinctures, there is nothing to prepare – it’s ready for your immediate use. The herbs will go directly into your system if taken directly under the tongue, or you may add it to water to make an instant tea, or added to a water bottle to be sipped on throughout the day. Whatever you find that works for you best is perfect and fine to do! 

A general suggestion is to use two droppersful (squeezes) three times a day and adjust according to results. 

It can be taken as a preventative as well as a curative, and it is safe to take on a frequent basis throughout the day, every day.  

To use the tincture in a water bottle to sip throughout the day, start with four droppersful (squeezes) of tincture in a full bottle of water.  More can be added if needed, or less if that’s preferred – whatever works for you.  Again, there is no wrong way to do this – experiment with it until you find the right balance for you. 

Keep in mind that morning sickness can be very elusive – what works one day might not work the same the next, so you can safely and effectively experiment and take what works for you on any given day. 

For additional ideas and details on how to alleviate morning sickness, see the Morning Sickness article under the Premium Articles section.

As an additional note, this tincture was key for our herbalist Pam when she went through radiation treatment for cancer for the nausea that this treatment caused. It helped her immensely.

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