Gift Card

To purchase a Gift Card:

  1. Enter an amount for your Gift Card and add this item to your cart
  2. The amount you enter here is the exact amount the recipient will receive and is the amount you will be charged at checkout
  3. Membership discounts are not applied when purchasing Gift Cards

During Checkout:

  1. Here you will enter the Gift recipient’s email address a short message
  2. The recipient’s email MUST be valid or your Gift Card will never be received
  3. Optionally you can choose to add the credit to your account instead

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To redeem a Gift Card:

If you keep the Gift Card credit for yourself, it will be added to your existing online account and you can use it as needed until the balance is zero. You can view your balance by going to My Account.

Or you can gift the Gift Card credit to someone else:

  1. The gift amount is deposited into the recipient’s account on this website. (No physical card is issued)
  2. If the recipient does not have an account, one is created for them.
  3. An email notification will be automatically sent to the recipient with your custom message along with instructions on how to use their Gift Card. A login link is also provided in the email.
  4. When your recipient uses the Gift Card code during checkout, the card balance will be applied to their purchase.
  5. The card can continue to be used for subsequent purchases until the balance on the card is zero.
  6. The current balance on the card can be viewed anytime from the recipient’s account when logged in.