Itching During Pregnancy (PUPPS)

We frequently get clients who are pregnant and are experiencing itchiness.  This is more than just your average itchiness from stretching or dry skin – it can be extreme and really awful to experience.  It’s called PUPPS or cholestasis.  

Along with the terrible itching, symptoms can also include brown/dark yellow urine (like beer), light-colored stool, bloodwork showing high liver enzymes, and high bile acid. 

We have had tremendous success with our clients using liver herbs. I have created a product specifically for this called Itch Soother Tincture.

Relief doesn’t come immediately, but after a few days of use, clients have reported that it gets better and better each day.  MUCH better. 

I had a client several years ago, pregnant with twins, who had one of the most extreme cases I’d ever come across.  The whites of her eyes were yellow and her poop was white. They were threatening to induce her twins early as they were very worried about their well-being as well as the well-being of the mother.  She started on the Itch Soother Tincture, and she began to respond very quickly.  She improved so much that they cancelled the induction and she went on to carry her babies nearly to term (labor started on its own, in its own perfect time) and she had the beautiful Birth Center birth that she wanted!  Mom and both babies were all completely healthy and fine!

This tincture has helped in every case that we know of.

Of course we always want our clients to listen to their health care providers and take their advice, but we may be able to provide a solution to try before an induction has to happen. Like our client above, she got results with the herbs before the scheduled induction, allowing them to cancel it because it was no longer necessary.