Red Raspberry Leaf


Red Raspberry Leaf is one of the most well-known and widely used herbs for women of childbearing age.  It is highly nutritive and has a special affinity for the uterus. It is the best preparatory herb for pregnancy, as it is so effective in toning, strengthening and bringing over-all health and vitality to the uterus. It is also a great fertility-promoting herb, especially when used in combination with Red Clover and Peppermint (as it is in Herb Lore's Pre-Conception Tea and Pre-Conception Tincture.

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Here is more about Red Raspberry Leaf and its traditional uses:

  • tones uterus and muscles of the pelvic region
  • it is highly nutritive
  • can help to prevent miscarriage and hemorrhage due to an atonic or relaxed uterus
  • eases morning sickness
  • can reduce pain during labor and after birth due to the uterus working in a more efficient way
  • it does not tend to strengthen or start contractions, but allows contracting uterus to work more effectively, thus perhaps making birth easier and faster
  • it also assists in the production of plentiful breast milk
  • helps the uterus recover after birth, assisting in postpartum recovery.

NOTE: Some sources claim that Red Raspberry Leaf can start uterine contractions, but this is not necessarily true. Red Raspberry Leaf is one of the most widely used and safest of all the uterine/pregnancy tonic herbs. It contains fragrine, an alkaloid which gives tone to the muscles of the pelvic region, including the uterus itself, but does not stimulate the uterus or cause contractions. It does not even strengthen contractions during labor, but it does allow the contracting uterus to work in a more efficient and effective way, and thus, may make birth easier and faster. 

Ingredients:  Organic Red Raspberry Leaf.  No other additives or fillers used.  Non-GMO and gluten-free.

Red Raspberry Leaf is one of the main ingredients in Herb Lore's Pregnancy Tea and Pregnancy Tea Plus (for the last six weeks of pregnancy).  More about these items and how the blends can benefit pregnant women can be seen here.

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Red Raspberry Leaf Tea