Pregnancy Tea


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Pregnancy Tea is a combination of herbs extremely high in vitamins and minerals that are readily absorbed by the body. It is very health-building and nutritious for both mom and baby, and it tastes great too!  It is traditionally used to help with the following:

  • to tone the uterine muscle
  • preparing it for the work of labor and birth
  • to possibly help prevent miscarriage
  • to help prevent postpartum hemorrhage due to a relaxed or atonic uterus
  • eases morning sickness
  • keeps the uterus working strongly and efficiently throughout labor and birth, including helping to facilitate placenta delivery
  • helps aid postpartum recovery.

Pregnancy Tea is recommended for use during the entire pregnancy. (Pregnancy Tea Plus Tincture is recommended for the last six weeks.) Pregnancy Tea Tincture is the exact same combination of herbs as the tea – just in the convenient liquid extract form.

Helpful Hint:  Ice chips made from the tea provides nutrition and fluids to the new mother during labor. Adding a bit of honey provides extra energy.

NOTE:  Although it’s a very small amount, due to the Alfalfa in the combination, this product may not be suitable for those on blood-thinning medications or by those with Lupus.

Herb Lore’s teas are bulk teas. You can make a large pot to drink from during the day, or you can use a tea ball infuser to make it by the individual cup.

Organic Red Raspberry Leaf, Dandelion Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Alfalfa, Chamomile, Oatstraw, and Peppermint Leaf. No other additives or fillers used. Non-GMO and gluten-free.

Use 2-3 cups each day. Pregnancy Tea is recommended for use during the entire pregnancy.

Hi Pam,  I’ve used several of your products throughout six of my pregnancies and postpartum. The Pregnancy Tea Tincture and the Pregnant Mother’s Liver Tonic have been such a blessing! One of your products that I ALWAYS have on hand is the Poke Root. During nursing, it is an amazingly fast acting herb to heal mastitis. At the teeniest sign of a clogged duct, I take just a tiny amount of the Poke Root and it clears up in no time! I recommend all nursing mommas have it on hand. Such an amazing product!!! J.F.