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Herb Lore’s Hem Stopper is used to help staunch excessive bleeding after a birth.

It is best used immediately after the birth (and after the birth of the placenta), and as long as the excessive bleeding continues.

The Blue Cohosh is an oxytocic herb, helping the uterus to contract and clamp down. Yarrow is a powerful styptic (stops bleeding). Motherwort is well-known for helping to stop bleeding and is a uterine tonic, and the Alfalfa is very high in Vitamin K, which may help to coagulate blood.

NOTE:  Use only at birth. This product is not for use during pregnancy.

If the placenta has not been birthed and is the cause for the bleeding, the Placenta Release Tincture would be warranted.

If the after birth bleeding is excessive and/or is not slowing, please call 911 or get to a hospital immediately.

Organic Blue Cohosh, Yarrow, Motherwort & Alfalfa extracted in organic grape alcohol. Herb Lore tinctures are gluten-free and non-GMO.

Give 1-2 droppersful (squeezes) of the tincture immediately after the baby's birth.  Continue to give 1-2 droppersful every 5-15 minutes until bleeding stops.

I’ve so enjoyed reading the newsletters and incredibly valuable information found on your website!

The Hem Stopper Tincture is my go-to for excess bleeding. I really can’t believe how well it helps stop bleeding.

I give Iron Tonic to all my mamas who are in need of blood building support. Recently I had a 30 week client tell me how much energy she’s now feeling after taking Iron Tonic for just a few days.

I’ve also had a mama use Itch Soother with excellent results. I’m excited to have my clients try more Herb Lore remedies!

Thank you Herb Lore for all you do to support midwives and families during the childbearing year!

L.H., Midwife

From a midwife in OH – I had a birth on Friday and wanted to share my experience with you.  It was a long birth and the mother had bit of a tough time.  As soon as the baby was born, she began to bleed and looked like she wasn't going to stop.  I used the Hem Stopper Tincture I recently got from you, and it did the trick!  I used two doses, very close together (5 minutes maybe) and it worked very well.  Mom and baby are doing great!  I feel the Pregnancy Tea Plus that she was taking in her last several weeks of pregnancy helped as well.  She lost a decent amount of blood at the birth, but was up in the shower less than an hour after birth and was able to take a 20 minute shower.  I feel certain that the tea helped support her blood levels.  She also found great relief with using your After Pain Ease Tincture too.  This being her second baby, she did have after pains this time around, but the After Pain Ease Tincture really took care of it!  Thanks so much!  R.M., Midwife

I would highly recommend Herb Lore and http://www.herblore.com to anyone looking for a knowledgeable resource and supply place for herbal products.  I have very little knowledge when it comes to herbs, but as a midwife, I much prefer this natural alternative.  All of my questions and concerns were listened to – they were very patient and very helpful.  I now keep on hand their Labor TincturePlacenta Release Tincture, and the Hem Stopper Tincture.  At the very first birth I took these to, we waited for the placenta for quite some time.  I finally gave one dose of the Placenta Tincture and not ten minutes later, the placenta came – with no problems and no extra bleeding.  I have a lot of clients who refuse any kind of allopathic treatment, and I'm thrilled to have these herbal products on hand and Herb Lore as a knowledgeable resource for those cases when I really need the extra help!    Sharon – Colorado midwife