Pregnant Mother's Liver Tonic


This combination has proven gentle and helpful for pregnant mothers or women wanting to become pregnant. One theory (not proven, but an educated theory!) has it that doing some gentle liver cleansing before conception may help prevent or lessen the severity of morning sickness.

This combination can also help lessen the itchiness that some women experience during pregnancy (PUPPS or Cholestasis).  These herbs will also help maintain proper hormone balance, as this is one of the primary functions of a healthy liver.  Long-term use yields best results.

Ingredients:  Organic Milk Thistle Seed, Dandelion Root, Yellow Dock Root and Nettle Leaf extracted inorganic grape alcohol.  This product comes in the alcohol version only, as the Milk Thistle Seed will not give its medicinal properties up to anything less potent than alcohol.  The tincture can be put into hot/warm water to dissipate the alcohol content.  (Do not burn yourself with the hot water.)  All Herb Lore tinctures are gluten-free.

TESTIMONIAL:  Your Pregnant Mother's Liver Tonic is saving me from so much uncomfortable late pregnancy edema (swelling) in my feet, hands, and tailbone! I think it may even ease the acid stomach issues (affecting bile production?) a bit. Love it!  B.V.

I'm 9 weeks pregnant with baby #2, and my HG (morning sickness) is much more manageable than with #1.  I've been on both the Pregnancy Tea and Pregnant Mother's Liver Tonic for a year now, and am continuing it through this pregnancy.  That combined with fermented foods has clearly made a difference for me.  I'm so, so grateful for you!  Blessings on you 100-fold for the blessing you are to the women and families you serve!  N.R.


Pregnant Mother's Liver Tonic