Garlic Ear Oil


This is a very effective natural remedy for ear infections. Many of our clients have reported extraordinary results using this product. Pain is lessened within minutes and the infection usually completely disappears in a day or two, preventing the need for antibiotics.

To administer the oil, wash your hands well first.  Squeeze the bulb on the dropper top and draw some oil into the glass tube.  Plug the end of the glass tube with your clean thumb and hold the glass dropper under running hot water to heat it.  Once you feel the oil is sufficiently warmed, place 2-3 (or more, you cannot use too much) drops into the ear hole.  Move and massage the ear canal around to help work the oil in as far as possible.  Plug the ear with a little cotton to keep it in the ear and so that it doesn't run out.  Repeat this for the other ear.  Both ears should be treated, even if only one ear is infected.  Apply as often as desired.  This is an extremely safe and effective remedy with no side effects (other than the garlic smell!).

Ingredients:  Organic Garlic extracted in organic extra virgin Olive Oil.  Non-GMO and gluten-free.

Garlic Ear Oil