Hi! Your Poke Root is literally a life Saver and I don’t say that lightly!  I am extremely prone to clogged ducts i will get them a few times a week in different areas of my breasts and this is the only thing that has helped (I’ve tried every suggestion under the sun!)  F.C.

I’m just full of gratitude for Herb Lore today!  Every time I use your products for my family (through an illness or during seasons of stress or anxiety), every time I can recommend something to a client for preparing their body for birth, supporting healing, breastfeeding, relief for mastitis, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for what you … Read more

I’ve so enjoyed reading the newsletters and incredibly valuable information found on your website! The Hem Stopper Tincture is my go-to for excess bleeding. I really can’t believe how well it helps stop bleeding. I give Iron Tonic to all my mamas who are in need of blood building support. Recently I had a 30 week client tell me … Read more

My sister recommended your Healing Salve for my 10 month old son. He had a horrible diaper rash due to teething and this salve worked like a MIRACLE. I’ve purchased 3 (maybe 4) jars now! I like to keep it on hand just in case. J. H.

I started buying the Nursing Tincture Moringa Blend because I was having big problems breastfeeding my baby “A”. By the time I tried your product, I had been working with a lactation consultant and tried various other products…nothing was really working until a neighbor suggested your tincture. We tried it and he nursed until he was 4 … Read more

All of the products I have gotten have been a game changer! My children love the Healing Salve! We used the Booty Salve on my grandma’s bed sores when she was on her last journey with us. Her spine was healing within a day. We just wanted to say thank you!  K.L.

A friend introduced me to this herbal line during my second trimester, I started using Pregnancy Tea Plus Tincture during the last six weeks of my pregnancy. I used the Labor Tincture at the hospital.  I got to the hospital at 1:30am, and was 3cm. My baby was born at 4:30am. I credit the tinctures for helping to move … Read more

Since testing positive for Covid in October 2020, I’ve had trouble taking a deep breath without coughing. Also, with at the end of taking a deep breath, I felt a slight discomfort like I had pushed my lungs too far. After 3 days of trying Herb Lore’s Mullein Tincture, my breathing felt ‘normal’ again.  Even … Read more

Your company's products helped me through three pregnancies and postpartum. So I am super loyal to you and grateful for all of your excellent products. My last baby who is 2 is starting to end his breastfeeding journey on his own but I know I will continue to take the Moringa and some of your … Read more

Thank you Pam!  As always, I appreciate your kindness and wisdom. I'm attaching an unsolicited photo of that aforementioned third baby, who you helped us to prepare for, and grow, and birth, and nurse (seriously: your products carried me through the childbearing year like a stalwart companion)! In fact, they've been there for me the entire … Read more