Booty Salve (Formerly Hemorrhoid Salve)


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The 2oz size has the old name of Hemorrhoid Salve on the product label and is therefore on clearance at 30% off under the coupon code CLEARANCE  (This sale does not apply to wholesale customers.) 

This herbal salve helps to soothe sore, itchy and bleeding hemorrhoids. Many clients say that this salve has helped when nothing else will, even in the most severe of cases. Safe for use during pregnancy and lactation.

Organic Plantain, Yarrow Blossom, Calendula Blossom and Self-Heal, Lavender Essential Oil and Vitamin E in a base of organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and organic beeswax. Non-GMO and gluten-free.

Apply externally as desired.

All of the products I have gotten have been a game changer! My children love the Healing Salve! We used the Booty Salve on my grandma’s bed sores when she was on her last journey with us. Her spine was healing within a day. We just wanted to say thank you!  K.L.

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