Goat’s Rue Tincture


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Goat’s Rue is traditionally known as a powerful herb for stimulating the production and flow of breastmilk. It works directly with the mammary glands themselves, and is a great choice for women experiencing problems with low milk production from the beginning, or for women with previous breast surgeries, IGT (Insufficient Glandular Tissue) or hypoplasia.

Note:  Women who have low blood sugar, who are diabetic, or who are on insulin strict insulin regimens should use caution when using this herb as it can lower blood sugar when used in large quantities.

Organic Goat's Rue Leaf. The regular tincture is extracted in organic grape alcohol and the non-alcohol version is extracted in organic vegetable glycerine and distilled water. All Herb Lore tinctures are non-GMO and are gluten-free.

Start with two (2) droppersful (squeezes) of the tincture three times a day. Results should be seen within 12-24 hours. If the desired results are not achieved with this level, you may increase how often you take it (increase to 4 times a day, then 5 and so on, as needed) or increase the number of droppersful (squeezes) taken at a time.

There are no rules - its ok to do whatever you find works best for you. Some women find that taking two droppersful of the tincture each time they sit down to nurse or pump does the trick for them, and this is perfectly fine to do.

If too much of the herb is taken, over-fullness or engorgement may occur. If so, simply reduce the amount of herb taken until the right balance is found for you. The article Herbs to Increase Your Breastmilk Supply - the Summarized Version, listed under More Information, has further details.

Note:   It is not recommended for women to start using herbs to increase breastmilk supply during pregnancy, as this could start milk production prematurely, risking the all-important colostrum period.  Wait until day 3 after giving birth, when the breastmilk typically comes in, before making the decision to use herbs to increase milk production.

As well as risking the colostrum, which is critically important for baby's life-long intestinal and digestive health, using herbs to increase milk production when they're not needed can cause engorgement, plugged ducts or mastitis due to over-production.

Thank you!!  I just put in an order for the Goat's Rue!  I have been getting desperate – I haven't had the results with the (other company) brand as I get with yours!!! CLV

Your tinctures were so helpful to get my baby enough milk in the beginning years (Goats Rue, Fenugreek, and Blessed Thistle). Your kindness during our consultation when I had a newborn meant a lot to me during a challenging time, and now I have a healthy 3.5 yr old!  Thanks Pam!  J.H.