Ask the Herbalist

Ask the Herbalist is a Q&A feature available to “All Access Members”.  

This feature is specifically created for you to contact our herbalists directly with personal questions and receive their expert advice and guidance.  

Every submission is replied to using the following guidelines:

  • Your questions will be answered personally via email.
  • If our herbalists determine that the information would be of benefit to other members, they will also anonymously share your question to the Ask the Herbalists Q&A forum.  (Your identity and personal profile is always kept in the strictest of confidence.)
  • If the question has already been addressed, you will be directed to the location of that information.
  • If the question is deemed more complex than what can be addressed via an email, a personal consultation will be recommended.  

Restrictions and Limitations:

  • Each member is limited to 15 form submissions per year.
  • All questions submitted must be relevant to the content of this website and to the expertise of our herbalists.