Hand Sanitizer


A hand sanitizer made by a local distillery using a prescribed formula handed down from the Tax and Trade Bureau and the WHO.  They have donated much of this product to our local first responders and other essential workers and are now offering it for sale to the public.  It follows the recipe and guidelines set forth by the WHO, and contains 80% Ethyl alcohol (60% Ethyl alcohol is recommended and is the safe ingredient)  along with Hydrogen peroxide.  It has no gel in it, so it’s a little “liquidy” but is great, effective, and will do the trick!  This larger 8oz bottle comes with a screw top so is not great for individual use, but is perfect for refilling smaller bottles or spray bottles.  I put a pump in mind and use it that way.  (Please note - Not recommended for use by those in recovery as it does smell like alcohol.)  DO NOT CONSUME - FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY!

Active ingredients:  Ethyl Alcohol 80%, Hydrogen Peroxide.
Inactive ingredients:  Water, Glycerine

Apply to hands.  Rub together until dry.  DO NOT CONSUME - FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY!