Cold & Flu Tincture

This combination of herbs has traditionally been used to help combat cold and/or flu symptoms, including fever. It may also shorten illness duration.


Echinacea (A.& P. Root)

Acts as a natural antibiotic. It works by stimulating white blood cell production (our body's infection fighters), and works as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. It helps to kill infection and to heal (any infection in or on the body), and helps in cases of colds and flu, especially when used in the early stages of illness or infection.


Flower Essences (and Rescue Remedy)

In the late 1920's, Dr. Edward Bach, a renowned British scientist and physician, observed that his patients' healing and well-being were directly influenced by their state of mind and emotional health. He noticed that the personality, attitude and present outlook of a patient had a great deal to do with their being cured or remaining sick. He understood that "the personality of the individual is of even more importance than the body in the treatment of disease". He realized that, instead of treating the patient as a body with an illness, the patient needed to be treated like an individual. "Treat the patient, not the disease."

Iron Tonic Tincture

This is a combination of herbs noted for their high iron content and for their success in increasing iron levels in the blood. Because they are in plant form, they are more easily digested, absorbed and assimilated by the body than are synthetic forms of iron supplements. And also unlike synthetic forms of iron, this herbal tonic will relieve constipation, rather than cause it.  Yellow Dock, one of the main herbs in this product, is rich in highly-absorbable iron and also contains some gentle stool softening properties as well. 


Nausea Relief Tincture

This is a soothing herbal blend helpful in relieving morning sickness, travel sickness, or any type of nausea. The drops can be put in a bottle of water to be sipped on throughout the day or by the dropperful under the tongue as the need arises. Nausea Relief Tincture was formulated with morning sickness and pregnant women in mind, and  is safe for use during pregnancy and nursing.



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