Sleep and Relaxation Herbs - special sale at 20% off!

We've been hearing from so many people that they're having a really hard time sleeping these days, especially since the recent time change.  We were planning to offer these items next month, but in light of the current need, we are doing it now as a special sale - our herbs for sleep and relaxation at 20% off.  Here's what's on the special:

Rescue Remedy - a flower essence combination for stress, anxiety, trauma.

Chamomile Tea - a gently relaxing tea.

Relax Tincture - a combination of herbs used to relax and take the edge off.

Goodnight Combo - a combination of some of the best herbs for insomnia, including a flower essence (which works on the emotional body, like herbs work on the physical body) used for calming mental chatter.  This is one of our best selling products.

Goodnight Lite - the same combination as the Goodnight Combo, with Chamomile rather than Valerian, which can be too sedating for some and may be stimulating for others.  In a very small percentage of the population, Valerian Root can stimulate rather than sedate.  The Goodnight Lite is a good alternative for those folks.  

Skullcap - one of my personal favorites!  Helps me fall asleep quickly and gently.  I'm fairly sensitive to the herbs and this one is perfect for me.

Valerian Root - one of the strongest herbs for helping one to fall asleep.  As mentioned previously, this herb can stimulate rather than sedate for a very small percentage of the population.  For most folks though, it is a fantastic sedative herb.  It is also highly effective for people (including kids) with ADD or ADHD.  If buying for children, we recommend the non-alcohol version. 

Happy Day Tincture - helps with feelings of depression.  Although it was specifically formulated for use by pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, it is safe and appropriate for everyone, including those on medications.

THIS LINK will give you details on each one and will list them in order of strength. 

All of these products are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms.  If breastfeeding, please take care not to sedate yourself too much that you don't hear your baby, roll over on your baby unaware, or can't respond appropriately to your baby.

If buying for children, we do recommend ordering the non-alcohol version tincture.  For dosage suggestions for kiddos, CLICK HERE.

For further information on these herbs, including seeing a list of them in order of strength, CLICK HERE.  (Both of these information pieces are found in our Articles & Information section of our website.)

The coupon code to use during check-out is SLEEP and the special runs from 3/15 - 4/30.  

Sweet dreams everybody!