September's special - 20% off!

Hi all!

To carry forward the theme started last month with putting our fertilty and hormone-balancing herbs on special, we are offering our pregnancy-related items this month!  (Non-pregnant folks can use them too!) They are as follows:

Pregnancy Tea - a highly nutritive and delicious tea formulated for pregnant moms that helps bring health to the uterus, helps to calm morning sickness, brings nutrients to both mom and baby during pregnancy, prepares the uterus for the work of labor and birth, and is great for postpartum recovery. (This is fantastic for making ice cubes with for ice chips during labor!)

Pregnancy Tea Tincture - same formula and herbs as the Pregnancy Tea, but in the tincture (liquid extract) form. 

Pregnancy Tea Plus Tincture - this is our basic Pregnancy Tea with the addition of Squaw Vine, a late pregnancy tonic herb used to help prepare the body and uterus for labor and birth.  As Squaw Vine is a little bit stronger, this product is recommended for use during the last six weeks of pregnancy only.  We've had several midwives comment that they have a 0% transport rate for those homebirth clients who have used this product.  

Nausea Relief Tincture - for morning sickness or nausea of any kind.  It was formulated specifically for use by pregnant women, so its safe to use during pregnancy, labor and birth.  (For those with access to our Premium Articles, there's a really good one in there about Morning Sickness.)

Dandelion & Nettle Tincture - its common for pregnant (or postpartum) moms to retain water and have swollen ankles and legs (edema).  The Dandelion Leaf in this product is a natural diuretic which is high in vitamins and minerals, including Potassium (other diuretics tend to rob the body of Potassium whereas this herb provides it), and the Nettle Leaf, also extremely high in vitamins and minerals, helps to support kidney function in the elimination of these fluids.  This product is helpful for anyone who needs a natural and safe diuretic - you don't have to be pregnant or a new mom to use it!

Cramp Bark/Black Haw Tincture - these herbs are notoriously successful in stopping and quieting uterine contractions, which is helpful for threatened miscarriage, pre-term labor and even for menstrual cramps.  Some clients have remarked that it has helped them with stomach or intestinal cramping as well.

Itch Relief Tincture - some women experience itching during pregnancy, including from Cholestasis or PUPPS, and this tincture helps to gently and effectively alleviate and eliminate it.  We have some really amazing success stories with this product!

Alfalfa Caps - this herb is high in Vitamin K, the blood-coagulating (clotting) vitamin.  Taken six weeks or more before the due date, it can help prevent postpartum hemorrhage, even if there's a history of it.  For those women who choose to avoid the Vitamin K shot for their baby after birth, they can take Alfalfa at this six week mark also, to naturally increase their baby's Vitamin K reserves.  

The coupon code is September2018, it's a 20% discount, and runs from September 1 until midnight on September 30.  Use this coupon code during check-out in the Coupon Code box, click Apply Coupon and it will apply your 20% discount to the items mentioned above!  Members and Birthworker Professionals, be sure to log into your accounts so that you receive your 15% discount in addition!

I hope you all had a beautiful, fun and happy summer!  Hard to believe it's over already!  

With much love!