November special - herbs for stress, anxiety and immune health!

Well, I think everybody is really feeling the stress and anxiety these days, and a lot of us are even sick.  Cold & flu season has begun, and all of the extra, and extra-ordinary, stress we're under is not helping. So this month, we are featuring products to help alleviate the stress, anxiety and insomnia, as well as herbs to help bolster our immune systems, and herbs to help us get well should we get sick.  Here they are:

Astragalus - used daily, it helps to build and strengthen the immune system to keep people healthy in the first place.

Echinacea - should one become ill, this helps to increase white blood cell production to fight the infection or virus.

Cold & Flu Tincture - helps to alleviate symptoms of cold and flu and helps the illness pass more quickly.  Great to use in combination with Echinacea.

Be sure to get the non-alcohol version if using for children.  They can be selected at the drop-down menu when you select your size.  More information about these herbs and others used for the immune system and colds & flu can be seen HERE.

These are extremely helpful for stress, anxiety and insomnia:

Goodnight Combo Tincture - to help one fall asleep, stay asleep and to turn off the mental chatter that keeps us awake all night.

Goodnight Combo Lite - same principle and combo as above, but it contains Chamomile rather than Valerian Root, for those who find Valerian Root stimulating (which can be an issue for a very small percentage of the population).  

Relax Tincture - this one does as it says, to help one relax.  It takes the edge off without completely putting you to sleep.  This is a good choice for daytime use.

Rescue Remedy - a flower essence that helps with stress, trauma, anxiety, fear or any other kind of emotional upset.  Another good choice for daytime use.

Happy Day Tincture - for depression, SAD or the blues.  Helps also with anxiety, although the Rescue Remedy and Relax Tinctures help with that also.  Can be used along with meds.  The link will give more detailed information.

This link HERE will give more information about each of these above items used for stress, relaxation, anxiety and insomnia.

The Coupon Code for them all is November2016 and is a 20% discount.  It runs through November 30 at midnight. Put this code in the Coupon Code area during the check-out process, click Add Coupon, and it will automatically apply your 20% discount!  

Birthworker Practitioners and All Access Members, remember to log into your account before you order so that you get your normal discount on top of these noted above! 


And we still have a couple of the 1oz bottles of the following products left at a 40% discount!  The coupon code for these is CLEARANCE.  This special will run until we are out of stock.

Pre-Conception Tincture

Pregnancy Tea Tincture

Pregnancy Tea Plus Tincture

Hope you all had a happy Halloween!  Sending so much love!

Pam <3