May's special - items for birth and postpartum! 20% off!

 To continue the theme from the past few months regarding fertility and then pregnancy, we're offering some items for birth and postpartum (and allergies!).  Lol!

Postpartum Sitz Bath Herbs - helps to soothe and heal the perineal area after birth.  This is one of our most popular products and is the winner of the Essential Postpartum Products for Mama and Baby 2015 award! There are several ways of using this product, but the "frozen pad" method is the most popular and really helps to keep pain and swelling to a minimum.  Complete directions on the various ways of using the herbs and how to make and use them are on the product label and at THIS LINK.  Every birthing mother really needs to have this product!

After Pain Relief Tincture - for moms who are birthing baby #2 (or more), you will likely experience "after pains", which are uterine contractions that help contract and shrink down the uterus after the birth, to help it regain its normal shape and size.  After a woman's first birth, this shrinking down action is relatively painless for most people, but after baby #2, the uterus has to work harder to achieve this action, and these contractions can be as painful as (or even more painful for some) than labor contractions were.  After pains tend to be more intense with each subsequent birth.  This tincture helps keep the pain to a minimum while still facilitating and allowing the shrinking down action of the uterus. I will never forget the hug I received from a mom who had suffered through afterpains for babies 1-9, and found our After Pain Relief Tincture for baby #10! That was one of the sweetest and most heartfelt hugs of thanks I think I ever received!  

Dandelion & Nettle Tincture - this tincture has multiple uses.  1) it helps eliminate water weight gain or edema in pregnant and postpartum moms.  You know those swollen legs and ankles you can get when you're in your last trimester or right after giving birth?  This is the product for that!  Its safe, gentle and very effective!  The Dandelion Leaf is a gentle duiretic, which will supplement the body with potassium and other nutrients, rather than deplete them, which pharmaceutical diuretics tend to do. The Nettle Leaf helps to support kidney function in the elimination of these excess fluids.  Both herbs are extremely high in vitamins and minerals and are very healthy for mom and baby.  And 2) these herbs are some of the best for helping to alleviate seasonal allergies - the Nettle in particular.  We recommend taking the herbs every day and you should see a welcome decrease in allergy symptoms. 

Healing Salve - this is a fantastic herb for diaper rash or any other skin rash or irritation.  For a typical diaper rash, it should clear it within a day.  It can also be used to heal and soothe sore nipples - just be sure to gently wipe it off before putting baby to the breast (due to the Lavender Essential Oil).  As this salve heals so quickly, do not apply to infected areas as it can heal over the top of the infection.  Another use for this amazing salve is to put it on your newborn baby's bottom at every diaper change to help make removal of meconium very easy and non-traumatic for your new little one and their sensitive skin.  (Meconium is baby's first poops, which can be very sticky and tarry and very difficult to remove.  Using the Healing Salve at every diaper change makes removal super easy!)

Hemorrhoid Salve - we have many happy customers with this product!  It's safe and gentle and ok for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Our customers have told us that this has helped when nothing else has, even with really bad hemorrhoids that are sore, itchy and bleeding. 

Blessed Thistle Tincture - this herb is a digestive bitter, which contributes to good digestion.  It is also a fantastic herb for increasing breastmilk production and seems to work really well, especially for women who don't get results with Fenugreek.  (We can all be very different....)  :)

Moringa Tincture - this amazing herb is so loaded with vitamins, minerals, protein, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that it is known as and used as a superfood in numerous countries around the world!  It's also very well-known for its ability to increase breastmilk production in nursing moms.  Please do click this Moringa link to read all of the impressive stats on its nutritrional value and what all it can help you with! Its a short and easy read.

Shatavari Tincture - this herb is traditionally used as a reproductive tonic, helps one to cope with and adapt to stress, increases breastmilk production and increases vital fluids to the body.  Its a great reproductive herb for MEN (helps support sperm count among other things) and for WOMEN (nourishes the ovum and helps support reproductive fluids and balances vaginal pH, among other things!).  These links are filled with fascinating information and are also a short and easy read! If you're breastfeeding and want to keep breastfeeding but also want to prepare your body for conception, and want to get your man's sperm levels happenin', this is the herb for you (and him!)!  

Wondering which herbs are the best for you to help increase your breastmilk production?  Click HERE to find out.

This special ends on May 31.  The coupon code to use during check-out is May2018.  You can use multiple discount codes together, just input one at a time and click Add Coupon to apply and go on to the next.

Happy May!  Sending love!! <3