March's special - 20% off!

Our special this month focuses on fertility, hormone balancing (including PMS and menopause), trying to conceive (TTC), and preparing for pregnancy.  We're offering 20% off of the following products:

Vitex Capsules and Tincture - helps to balance the female hormone system:

     - helps with symptoms of PMS, including
            - cramping
            - emotional imbalance and moodiness, irritability, depression
            - pre-menstrual headache
            - acne
            - bloating
            - breast tenderness
            - infertility

     - helps promote fertility
            - when the female hormones are balanced, it makes conception much easier.
            - can prevent miscarriage due to low progesterone levels

     - helps curb menopausal symptoms, some of which include:
            - hot flashes and night sweats
            - forgetfulness or brain fog
            - emotional imbalance, mood swings, irritability, anxiety
            - fatigue
            - and more....

Pre-Conception Tea and Tincture - helps promote fertility and helps facilitate conception.  This works best when the hormones are in balance.  Can be used in conjunction with Vitex. (It's recommended actually.)

Pregnant Mother's Liver Tonic - this product gently cleanses, detoxes and supports the liver, and may help prevent morning sickness during pregnancy (when used prior to conception), and can help alleviate or prevent itching that some women experience during pregnancy.  NOTE:  one does not have to be pregnant - or even be a woman - to use this gentle liver support product.  The name simply implies that it is safe for pregnancy, but it can be used by anyone over the age of 12.

What is a tincture?  Its a liquid extract made from herbs.  For example, Pre-Conception Tincture is a liquid extract made from the Pre-Conception Tea.  Click HERE to learn more about tinctures, including:

     - how to take them
     - the difference between an alcohol-based tincture and a non-alcohol tincture
     - safety of use by pregnant and breastfeeding moms of tinctures - even the alcohol-based ones
     - what a dropperful is (and why it will not fill the entire glass dropper tube). 

This information is found under our Articles & Information section of our website, which is filled with helpful and educational information; and our Testimonials page has many sweet stories of moms using these herbs to help them overcome PMS and achieve pregnancy.  (Scroll down to the Women's Health/Fertility section for these particular stories.) 

And don't worry - if you're not in the market for another baby, but would simply like to balance your hormones and feel better, use the Vitex and the Pregnant Mother's Liver Tonic - no need to get pregnant! 

Use the coupon code March2018 during check-out, click Add Coupon and it will apply your 20% discount.  The special runs from March 1 through April 1, to give you the whole last weekend of the month to save!  If any of you have ordered any of these items since March 1, email us with your invoice number and we will create a credit on file for you to use towards a future purchase for the savings you would have received had the special been in place on 3/1.   

I hope you all are doing alright out there with all of the intense winter storms.  (Perhaps we will need to run some specials for pregnant moms soon, after all of the inclimate weather out there!  Lol!)  At any rate, I hope you all have been safe, warm and secure throughout.

Hang in there - spring, and hopefully better weather, and an easier time, is right around the corner!

Much love to you!