March's special - 20% off!

Hi all!  As we did not have a special for February, we are starting March's special early!  This month, we are offering our VERY popular Postpartum Sitz Bath Herbs and After Pain Relief Tincture for 20% off!

After Pain Relief Tincture - after pains happen for baby #2 or on subsequent births and can be VERY painful.  This herbal tincture helps to alleviate the pain while still allowing the uterus to shrink down to its normal shape and size.  Here is a recent email we received about it:

Hello, I am currently expecting my 11th baby. Ever since I had my 8th baby, I have lived in DREAD of after pains. After my 9th, the after pains were so bad that I actually went into shock several times and passed out more than once -- this was not due to blood loss, just shock and intensity. This was with taking ibuprofen. Labor and birth were nothing by comparison. I often wished that I could just do labor and birth twice instead of doing the after pains. I was terrified with my 10th because I had learned that after pains do literally get worse after each one -- they don't ever max out. I ordered the large bottle thinking that would be plenty and hoping desperately that it might help. I cannot tell you how amazing it was! Every time an after pain started, I could feel the shaking and chalky whiteness of shock start, but as soon as I took the tincture it made a huge difference. It was completely manageable! I started taking the tincture before nursing, and that was the BEST. I was horrified when I ran out. I had another tincture from a different company that helped, but it did not hold a candle to yours. I ordered another bottle but didn't get it in time to help with the worst of it. So, with this baby I am planning to order 3 or 4 of the 4oz bottles right up front. I really cannot tell you what a God send this tincture is. I am terrified at the thought of not having it!  M.S.

So, dear M.S., we are running the special in honor of you and other moms preparing to birth baby #2 (or beyond!), to help them through their after pains!  More about this product and to order it can be found HERE.  

Another helpful item for birth and immediate postpartum is our Postpartum Sitz Bath Herbs.  They won the Essential Postpartum Products for Mama and Baby 2015 award, and is one we can barely keep on the shelf!  I myself had a third degree tear after birthing my baby (long story - this typically doesn't happen to people.  I had to experience the gamut of extreme problems that pregnant, newly postpartum and lactating moms can have in order to learn what its like and how to overcome them!), anyway, after my birth, I had a batch of the "frozen pads" made with the Postpartum Sitz Bath Herbs and I had NO pain.  Nothing. The swelling was minimal and I had literally zero pain!  The worst of it was feeling a stitch poking me as it was trying to fall out one day.  My midwife was amazed, after all that area had been through, to have no swelling or pain!  (Instuctions on how to make these pads are on the product label.)  So they too are on special this month for 20% off! 

The coupon code to receive these discounts is March2017.  Put this code into the Coupon Code box during the check-out process, click Add Coupon, and it will apply your 20% savings.  (All Access Members, remember to log in first so that you receive your 15% membership discount in addition to the monthly product discount!  If you're not a member but would like to become one and have double savings, you can do that HERE.)  This special runs for the month of March, ending on the weekend of April 2.

Much love and happy March (almost!)!  Spring is right around the corner!

Pam Caldwell and the Herb Lore team