June's special - 20% off of items we never discount!

Hello all!

We're putting some items on special this month that we hardly ever offer!  We sell so much of each of them that it didn't make sense to put them on special ....they are some of our most popular products - its hard enough to keep them on the shelves as it is!  Lol!  But we planned ahead, and this month (my birthday month!), they will be featured on sale as my gift to you! 

Plus, a lot of nursing moms find they have a dip in their milk supply (or kiddos with tummy upset) when traveling, so the timing seemed perfect to offer these, just in time for summer travel and vacations. Here goes!

Nursing Tea Moringa Blend - helps to increase breastmilk production, is easy and gentle on the tummy (mom and baby), helps to alleviate gas, colic, reflux and indigestion, and helps with postpartum recovery while working to increase milk production.  This product is recommended for those with newborn babies, or those who have babies with sensitive tummies.  We have had moms of twins use this and nothing else to provide plenty of breastmilk for both babies!  This is one of our most popular products!  If a tea isn't convenient or realistic for your lifestyle (it does take a little time to brew), you can either make a large batch of it to keep in the refrigerator, or you can use the liquid extract tincture instead, which leads us to....

Nursing Tincture Moringa Blend - this is the same blend as the tea, but in the liquid extract form that comes in a handy dropper bottle.  Nothing needs to be prepared or brewed - its super convenient.  Two squeezes of the tincture equals one cup of tea if you want to make an instant tea out of the drops.  This is handy for traveling, when you have to return to work, if you need to take quite a lot of it during the day (some women with more difficult issues re: milk production may need to take more herb more frequently, and drinking several cups of tea a day might be too much to get down, but taking a few squeezes of the tincture is easy!), or if you just prefer the ease and convenience of a tincture, this is the way to go.  Both tea and tincture work just as well as the other.  This combination does NOT have Fenugreek as one of its ingredients.  CLICK HERE to find out why this is important! 

Both our Nursing Tea Moringa Blend and the Nursing Tincture Moringa Blend were specifically chosen to be available in every Northern California Kaiser Hospital gift shop (that has maternity services, that is!)!  I'm so thrilled that hospitals and regular medical folks are starting to be more open to herbs and realize how well herbs and natural therapies can work!

Fenugreek Caps - Fenugreek is one of the best and most well-known herbs for increasing milk production, but it must be used with consistency and regularity for best results.  Fenugreek use is like turning on the faucet of breastmilk.  Taking Fenugreek = faucet on.  Not taking Fenugreek = faucet off.  If you have an inconsistent Fenugreek intake (like you would have if it were used in a combination product - see details about this HERE), it could cause an up-and-down milk supply or even cause your milk supply to drop for some women.  If you just stop taking Fenugreek, or miss doses, your supply can drop.  But if you use it with consistency and regularity, it will work really well for you!  That's why we have Fenugreek all on its own - not mixed with anything else.  It makes it very easy to regulate, helping to provide the best results possible for you.  Please also note that Fenugreek can cause gas in mom or baby.  If this happens, you can help to alleviate the gas by using the Fennel Tincture, Nursing Tea (or Tincture) Moringa Blend, Tummy Tincture - all of which are also on special this month!  The capsules are made using all vegetarian capsules, and we also offer it in tincture form as well...  

Fenugreek Tincture - same info as above - in the tincture form!

Fennel Tincture - helps to alleviate gas, colic, reflux, indigestion, tummy upset of any kind.  It is also well-known for increasing breastmilk production and is the perfect herb for dispelling any gas that Fenugreek may cause. 

Tummy Tincture - this is a tincture specifically formulated for use to alleviate gas, colic, reflux, indigestion or tummy complaints for mom or baby.  (Anyone really!) . And it fits nicely in the purse, for those unexpected gassy times that sneak up on ya! The main herb ingredient is Fennel, but it also has other herbs that also work really well to help soothe the tummy and digestive system.  Nursing moms note - this may also cause increase of breastmilk production!  

Iron Tonic Tincture - this is a combination of herbs that are notoriously high in Iron.  Because they are in plant-form, the body readily absorbs it.  Also, due to its slight stool-softening properties, it will help alleviate constipation rather than cause it, like pharmaceutical forms of iron do.  One mom recently emailed this to us:  I just want to tell you the latest news about my 19 month old son’s iron levels. After only one month of giving him your non-alcohol Iron Tonic Tincture, his hemoglobin rose almost 2 points and his ferritin level rose 6 points!  His level was 4 and now it is 10!  Thank you so much for this wonderful product!  A.D. This product is appropriate for anyone who needs to increase their iron levels, and is safe and effective for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women.  

Teething Tincture - another one of our most popular products!  It helps alleviate baby's teething pain and upset - and we found that it is even nice for parents to take the edge off a little!  I keep one in my purse - it helps me with nervous anxiety without making me sleepy.  We have limited supply on this one, but will have more after June 12 if you see that it's out of stock when you go to order.


Here are some informational pieces for you that you might find helpful . You know that we're big on education, helping you to know what you're using and how to use it correctly!  Our Articles & Information section of our website is loaded with lots of helpful information!  We have even been included in "required reading" for some doula trainings classwork!

Directions (including dosage information) on the herbs to use to increase your breastmilk production.  

Tincture Information
     - what is a tincture?
     - how do you take them?
     - what are they made of?
     - what is the difference between a tea and a tincture?
     - are they safe for use by pregnant and breastfeeding moms?
     - how about babies and kids?
     - how long will each size of tincture last?

Children's Dosage Guide.  Also, when ordering for children, please order the non-alcohol version for them.  The alcohol in the regular tinctures wouldn't be dangerous - they would just hate it is all!  And we parents get only one chance - if they hate it the first time, they will never try it again for you after that!  Kids tend to really love our non-alcohol tinctures though, and will readily take them for you!


The coupon code to use is June2018 and its a 20% discount.  We are starting it a few days early, so its valid today (5/29) through Sunday, 7/01 at midnight.  

Have a lovely month of June, and happy (almost!) summer!