Immune System Herbs - help for colds & flu on special - 20%

I know this is longer than my usual blog post, but please bear with me - it has some very important information for you that you will want to see, especially a point made at the end. 

Its been a hard-hitting season for illness and these herbs and this information will help.  (Note:  do not hesitate to seek medical help if necessary.  Sometimes the herbs are enough to do it, but sometimes its necessary and appropriate to take more aggressive steps through your doctor or urgent care. The flu can be serious - don't let it get out of hand.  Seek medical help if needed.)

Here's what we're offering at a 20% discount as a special sale:

Astragalus - helps build and strengthen the immune system to help keep one healthy in the first place.  This herb is warming and stimulating, so if one is already ill, do NOT use this herb as it could make fever worse.  This herb should be used on a daily basis before one is ill, to prevent them from becoming ill at all.  If you haven't gotten sick, I do advise to start on Astragalus now, to help keep you that way.  For adults, 2 droppersful (squeezes) twice a day, each and every day.  (A 2oz bottle will last one adult 2 weeks, a 4oz bottle - and the best cost value - will last one adult one month.  Please see our Children's Dosage Guide for dosage suggestions for kids.)  OK for use by pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

Echinacea - should one become ill, stop the Astragalus and switch over to Echinacea.  This herb stimulates white blood cell production (our body's infection fighters) and helps to combat viral and bacterial infections and illnesses.  Ok for use by pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

Cold & Flu Tincture - helps to soothe symptoms of cold & flu and may help the illness pass more quickly.  NOT appropriate for use by pregnant women.  Ok for use by breastfeeding moms.

Quiet Cough Tincture - this product literally helps to quiet coughs.  The result is usually one good very productive cough (to help keep lungs clear) and then quieting any remaining irritating or spasmodic coughing.  You don't want to stop cough altogether, as that can result in secretions sitting in the lungs and putrifying, so this product is perfect in that it has expectorant properties to help clear those secretions, keeping the lungs clear, while stopping the spasmodic, unproductive, irritating cough.  NOT appropriate for either pregnant or breastfeeding women.  Use Mullein instead. The non-alcohol version is ok for use by toddlers and children. 

Mullein - this herb is fantastic for quieting coughs and is one of the main ingredients in the Quiet Cough Tincture.  It is the only herb that is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms.  

Relax Tincture - this tincture will help you to relax and get the rest that you so desperately need.  Safe for use by pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

For the tummy...

Tummy Tea and Tummy Tincture - this will help alleviate nausea, gas, heartburn, reflux, or any digestive complaint. The Fennel in the mixture will not only settle your tummy, but will help support breastmilk production in nursing moms and she journeys through the illness.  Its not uncommon for the breastmilk supply to drop during illness, but this product will help support milk production.  (Click HERE for other herbs used to increase milk production in nursing moms.)  Ok for use by everyone, but women in their first trimester should use this sparingly (if at all), as the Fennel can also cause slight uterine contractions.  As this is not likely and we've never had it happen, we do like to operate on the side of being conservative.  If you are pregnant, we would recommend the Nausea Relief Tincture instead.   (What's the difference between tea and tincture, and what is a tincture and how do you use them?)

Nausea Relief Tincture - this product is ok for pregnant moms and was even formulated specifically for pregnant moms with morning sickness.  Nausea is nausea though, and if one has it, this product will certainly help.

These herbs are fine for use by children too.  Be sure to get the non-alcohol versions for them.  Here is a Children's Dosage Guide to help you know how much to give them.

Another things of note - breastfed babies should get their herb intake through the mother's breastmilk.  Babies under the age of 6 months should not take herbs directly unless absolutely necessary, as their sensitive digestive systems are not yet mature enough to handle anything more than breastmilk (or formula if a baby isn't breastfed).  Mom takes the herbs and then they will pass to the baby through the breastmilk.  Breastmilk in itself has TONS of antibodies that will help babies stay well or get well, and the magic of breastmilk means that the mom's body will produce specific antibodies for whatever virus or bacteria that she and/or the baby may be dealing with.  That, along with the herbs she's taking, will really help keep the baby well or help baby to get well much faster.  If there are older toddlers or kids who are not breastfeeding, pump and offer it to them too.  Anyone can have breastmilk (but make sure the nursing baby gets as much as she or he needs first.)  

As this cold & flu season seems to be especially intense, we will offer these items on special from today (January 15) through February 28.  Hopefully we will all be past it by then!  Put the work Immune (with a big I) into the Coupon Code box during check-out, click Add Coupon, and it will automatically apply the 20% discount to these products.  There is no limit - you can order as many as you need.  Its a good opportunity to stock up, as it seems like it may be a long season.

Other suggestions:

- Stay out of public places as much as you can.  Don't isolate yourself, but do be mindful.  Wear a mask or scarf across the face and nose if necessary.

- Wash your hands and your kids hands frequently.

- Get a small bottle of hand sanitizer and use it anytime you touch anything out in public (shopping carts, door handles, menus at restaurants, etc).  I'm usually NOT a fan of anti-bacterial soaps or hand sanitizers, but this is an exception.  Once this season is over, personally I will be discontinuing it, but for now, I'm using it!

- This may seem odd, but do not listen to too much about the flu or illness that's being broadcast on the news or other sources right now.  It seems to be everywhere, and its scaring the heck out of a lot of people.  By being in fear over it, we can literally attract it.  By obsessing on it too much, we will be "in the energy" of sickness and then can more easily attract sickness.  Its almost like subconsciously talking ones self into getting ill.  Have you ever thought "its close to lunchtime or dinner time", but you're not really hungry yet, but then within minutes, you are?  Or "no I don't have to go pee", and then before you know it, you're looking for a bathroom!  And similarly, when one thinks about how they might get sick or has fear about getting sick, they can literally start to feel sick; whereas on the other hand, people who think about how good they feel, WILL feel good, WILL feel vibrant, and WILL be healthy!  The power of suggestion is strong!!

So do what you need to do to quietly take your precautions, take your herbs and wash your hands and use your hand sanitizer, but don't think too much about it or give it any more energy than necessary or live too much in the world of sickness.  Focus instead on normal life, what you're doing in your life, the exciting things that you'd like to do or are looking forward to doing, and keep your focus on normalcy and regular life.   If you don't have anything exciting coming up on your calendar, allow yourself to visualize a nice relaxing, warm and fun vacation on a beach somewhere, or anything that would be fun for you!  Give it to yourself in fantasy, even if you can't give it to yourself in reality right now. Again, the power of the mind is strong!  Visualizing something brings you the same energy whether you actually do it in physical form or not.  (This is one way athletes prepare for games or tournaments - they visualze their performance in their minds and its as good as if they spent hours doing physical practice.)  This is a real thing folks!  Play with it and see how it makes you feel for yourself! <3

I'm sending you much love, and my staff and I want to wish you and your family a very happy and wonderful New Year!  What new and exciting things are you wanting to create for yourself and your family for this marvelous new year?  Let your imaginations flow!  <3