Herb Lore July 2018 Specials!!

Hi all! Wow!! Well this time of year has come again! Time to think about getting all the kiddos back to school!!

It is always an exciting time to start a new year!! The down side though, is that this season brings with it all sorts of immune issues. Not only are kids exposed to tons of bugs in the classroom, but there can be some heightened stress for the whole family, lowering everyone's immune systems.  We are putting our Immune support herbs on special to get ahead of the curve!! By taking the preventative immune boosters/tonics (Astragalus and Moringa) ahead of time, the whole family will have a better chance of dodging the bugs and remaining less frazzled!  (Breastfeeding mamas, be aware that Moringa can increase breastmilk supply.)  If anyone does come down with something, these herbs (EchinaceaCold &Flu, Quiet Coughand Garlic Ear Oil) should be taken to address the symptoms! Hope you all stay healthy, and relatively stress free!!

So here are the specials for this month - 20% off of all of them!  Use coupon code July2018 at checkout to recieve the 20% discount!

Astragalus - will help to build and strengthen their immune system to help KEEP them healthy, so that they don't get sick in the first place.  The trick with this herb is that it needs to be taken daily for an extended period of time in order to do its best work.  Kind of like a multi-vitamin or other nutritive - it takes time and consistency.  One of our long-time clients said this:  "I teach kindergarten.  I took Astragalus last winter, and it was the first time in four years that I did not come down with pnemonia.  Needless to say, I plan to take it again this year again too!"   

(Helpful hint:  a 1oz bottle lasts an adult for 1 week, a 2oz for 2 weeks and a 4oz for 4 weeks.  Here is a Children's Dosage Guide for dosage suggestions for kids.)  

Echinacea - should one get sick, the Astragalus should be discontinued and Echinacea started.  Because of Astragalus' warming and stimulating properties, it could make fever worse, so its best to discontinue using this herb during illness. This herb stimulates white blood cell production and kicks the immune system into high gear!

Cold & Flu Tincture - helps alleviate symptoms of cold and flu.  Healing and soothing!

Quiet Cough Formula - wonderful for the respiratory tract, helping as an expectorant, antibacterial, antiseptic, and antispasmodic

Garlic Ear Oil - for ear discomfort or ear infections.  (Side note:  dairy is famous for causing chronic ear infections.)

Moringa -  a superfood used as a food source by many cultures around the world.  It's incredibly high in vitamins, minerals, protein, essential amino acids and antioxidants, and its health benefits are vast. Because it is so high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, aking this herb will help strengthen the immune system to prevent illness.

This link gives more information about herbs for the cold & flu season, and for you All Access Members, there is a more in-depth and detailed article that addresses fever, ear infections, eye infections, etc.  Log in to see the article under the Premium Articles section (under the Member Access area, left hand menu on the website).  Also remember to log in before you place your order so that you get your membership discount along with the monthly special discount for double savings.  (Not a member?  Click here to learn more about benefits and product discounts.) 

For us here in Nevada City, school starts in only 3 short weeks!!  (What happened to summer??) 

Enjoy the rest of it!

Much love,

Pam Caldwell and the Herb Lore team