Goat's Rue is back in stock and on 20% discount!

After a massive crop shortage on Goat's Rue last year, spring has brought us a beautiful new crop!  Its fresh and vibrant and absolutely gorgeous, and is NOW available!  

To refresh your memory, Goat's Rue is used to increase breastmilk production in nursing moms.  It's the best herb for women with a history of breast surgery, with IGT (Insufficient Glandular Tissue) or for those who have had a problem with their milk supply right from the start.  It works on the mammary glands themselves and can increast breastmilk production by 50%.  It's an amazing herb - one of the best for increasing breastmilk supply!

And as it was unavailable for so long, we are offering it at a 20% discount for a limited time!  The coupon code is GOATS RUE and the special will last until midnight on 5/31.  We have a few batches available now, but as we have had so much interest and people waiting, it may go fast. We have more in process, but it takes several weeks for it to be ready, so if you're interested, you may want to get some now before these first batches are gone (just to forewarn you!).  If you find that we're out of stock, we will have more in soon.

Loving me some spring right now! laugh heart

Thank you all for patience!  Here's the link!