December's special - 20% off of herbs for stress, relaxation, sleep & depression

December can sure be a fun, yet stressful and very busy month.  In light of this, we are offering our herbal products for stress, relaxation, insomnia, and depression at 20% off all month!  These include:

Goodnight Combo Tincture - helps one fall asleep, stay asleep and quiets mental chatter.  Contains Valerian Root as one of its ingredients.  This is one of our most popular products.

Goodnight Lite Tincture - this is the same tincture as above, but with Chamomile instead of Valerian Root.  For a very small percentage of the population, Valerian Root can stimulate rather than sedate.  Its not common, but we wanted to have an alternative for those few folks.  This MORE INFO link will give you details.  

Skullcap - one of my personal favorite herbs for sleep.

Valerian Root - one of the more powerful herbs for sleep.  It's also a very popular herb for kids and people with ADD/ADHD as it helps to really balance them out.  (For kids, be sure to get the non-alcohol version.)

Relax Tincture - this one is a little less powerful and mostly helps to relax and take the edge off without totally putting you to sleep.  

Rescue Remedy - helps to calm fear, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma and emotional upset.  

Happy Day Tincture - for depression, including pregnancy depression, postpartum depression (PPD), Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or any other type of depression.  Best results are seen the longer its used, but some people find it helps them rather quickly.  Everyone is different....  Safe for use by anyone, including those on medications.  The link provided will give details on this.

NOTE:  None of these products are habit-forming or addictive.  They will not cause any morning grogginess (unless you take them too close to the time you need to get up.)  Again though, everyone's bodies can all be very different....some folks are more sensitive to herbs and some need a little more... try it as suggested on the product label and feel free to adjust how you take it according to your results.

Details on these products (including listing them in order of strength) and more information is found on our Sleep Remedies article (under Articles & Information) on our website.  

The coupon code to use during checkout is December2017 and the sale is active now through midnight on December 31.  

Take good care during this busy season, and remember to breathe, practice good self-care, enjoy the moment, think about what you're grateful for daily, and have fun!

With much love and joy,