December's special - 20% off herbs for cold & flu! Get the coupon code here!

This month, we're featuring our herbs for the cold & flu season.  The cold weather plus the holidays can really impact the immune system.  Here's what we're offering at a 20% discount:

Astragalus - taken on a daily basis when healthy, this herb can help build and strengthen the immune system to help keep you well and prevent you from getting sick in the first place. Be sure to read the testimonial at that link from one of our kindergarten teachers who used to get pneumonia every year before finding this herb!

Echinacea - should you get sick, this herb will help increase white blood cell production (our body's infection fighters) and spur them into action to help combat the illness.  

Cold & Flu Tincture - this combination of herbs has traditionally been used to help the cold or flu pass more quickly and help one feel better faster.

Quiet Cough Tincture - helps to quiet cough.  It's one of our most popular products.  It gives one or two good productive coughs (important to keep the lungs clear) and then provides soothing and quiet.  (Not appropriate for pregnant and breastfeeding moms.)

Mullein Tincture - this is one of the only herbs for cough that is safe for use by pregnant and breastfeeding moms.

Moringa Tincture - this amazing herb is considered a superfood.  It is extremely high in vitamins, minerals, protein, essential amino acids and iron among other things.  The Ayurvedic system of medicine associates it with the “cure or prevention of about 300 different diseases”.  Please see THIS LINK for a list of everything that this herb can do to promote your good health.  (NOTE:  not for use by those who are trying to conceive or by those who are newly pregnant.  Fine for use after the second trimester and while breastfeeding.  This herb is also well-known for helping to increase breastmilk production in nursing women, so nursing moms, be aware of that!)  

Garlic Ear Oil - for ear infections or ear pain.  

All of these items can be used together (except for the Astragalus, which should not be used when actively ill.  Read more about this and why at THIS LINK).

Directions for use on these items, including which ones are safe and appropriate for pregnant and breastfeeding moms, can also be seen at THIS LINK.  It's a short and easy read, and is very informative.  This article is found in our Articles & Information section of our website - there is a ton of info there if you haven't already discovered it!  

For our All Access Members, there's an in-depth article in our Premium Articles section that goes into more detail, including information about fevers, eye infections, ear infections, antibiotics, and even yeast infections!  Be sure to log into your accounts before ordering to receive your 15% membership discount in addition to your coupon savings.

The Coupon Code to use during checkout is December2018.  It runs until midnight on December 31.  

We run this special only a few times a year so it's a good time to stock up for the winter and the cold & flu season!  

Take good care, and be kind and gentle with yourself this holiday season!  

Sending much love,