August 2018 Specials

Happy Mid-August everyone!! 

Where is the summer going? August is just flying by isn't it? Sending out a friendly reminder for our August2018 specials!! This month is all about balancing the hormones for fertility, menopause, and general hormone imbalances for both men and women! To go along with that, our conception supporting products are also on special!! 

These awesome, organic, and high quality products will be 20% off this month!

We are featuring our Vitex Tincture and Vitex Vegi-Caps (especially since we've been out of these for a little while!), Pre-Conception Tea and Pre-Conception TincturePregnant Mother's Liver TonicRed Raspberry Leaf Tea, and Shatavari Tincture. Check out the extra special properties of Shatavaribecause this herb is great for nursing mamas who want to enhance their fertility while breastfeeding!  This herb not only helps prepare the body for conception, its fantastic for increasing and supporting breastmilk production at the same time.

Vitex Tincture and Vitex Caps: this herb is the best herb for balancing the female hormone system, helping to alleviate PMS and helping with fertility. Conception is much easier to achieve if one's hormones are in balance.  Vitex is also amazing at alleviating PMS symptoms, menopausal symptoms and any situation arising out of the female hormones being out of balance (such as fibroids).  Long-term use is best with this herb, especially if the issue has been a long-standing one. The links provided will give you more info. 

Pre-Conception Tea and Pre-Conception TinctureIf you're wanting to become pregnant, the Pre-Conception Tea and Pre-Conception Tincture help to enhance fertility. Its especially helpful when the hormones are in balance, so using the Vitex along with this will be even more effective.

Pregnant Mother's Liver Tonic: this product gently cleanses, detoxes and supports the liver, and may help prevent morning sickness during pregnancy (when used prior to conception), and can help alleviate or prevent itching that some women experience during pregnancy.  NOTE:  one does not have to be pregnant - or even be a woman - to use this gentle liver support product. The name simply implies that it is safe for pregnancy, but it can be used by anyone over the age of 12.
Red Raspberry Leaf Tea It is highly nutritive and has a special affinity for the uterus. It is the best preparatory herb for pregnancy, as it is so effective in toning, strengthening and bringing over-all health and vitality to the uterus. It is also a great fertility-promoting herb, especially when used in combination with Red Clover and Peppermint (as it is in Herb Lore's Pre-Conception Tea and Pre-Conception Tincture.
Shatavari Tincturethis herb is traditionally used as a reproductive tonic, helps one to cope with and adapt to stress, increases breastmilk production and increases vital fluids to the body. Its a great reproductive herb for MEN (helps support sperm count among other things) and for WOMEN (nourishes the ovum and helps support reproductive fluids and balances vaginal pH, among other things!).  These links will take you directly to Articles and Information on our website, and these short and easy reads are filled with fascinating information. If you're breastfeeding and want to keep breastfeeding but also want to prepare your body for conception, and want to get your man's sperm levels happenin', this is the herb for you!! 
For best results follow the advice on using some of these in combination with the others, as listed above, and as always, each of these products are on our website and extensive info on each product is available! 

The coupon code for this month is August2018, and it is valid from August 1st until midnight of August 31st! Put this into the Coupon Code box during check-out, click Add Coupon, and it will apply your 20% discount to these products in your order. As usual, active Birthworker Professionals and All Access Members, remember to log in to your account when ordering so that you receive your normal 15% discount on top of this 20%.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

With much love,

Pam Caldwell and the Herb Lore team