April's monthly special - 20% off!

To follow the theme begun last month, this month's special is pregnancy-related.  Hopefully the herbs for fertility and pre-conception that were on special for last month have worked already, and you are now in need of some pregnancy herbs!  (In reality, it can take some time for these fertility herbs to work, so if they haven't for you by now, not to worry!  That is totally normal.  Keep going with them, as the longer you use them, the better they work.) 

Here is what is on special this month:

Pregnancy Tea - provides vitamins, minerals and nutrition during pregnancy.  Helps to strengthen and nourish the uterus in preparation for labor and birth.  Read more about this blend and how it can benefit you HERE.

Pregnancy Tea Tincture - same combination as the tea above, in the liquid extract (tincture) form.

Pregnant Mother's Liver Tonic - helps to support the liver as it does the work for two now.  It's also helpful during pre-conception to help prevent morning sickness.  As well, spring is always a good time to do some gentle liver-cleansing after winter's heaviness.  Three good reasons to use this product - and you don't have to be pregnant (or even a woman) to use it!  It's a really great and gentle liver detoxifier.  (But do read more about how it can help at the link!)

Nausea Relief Tincture - this blend is specific for morning sickness.  Its helpful for any type of nausea, but it was created with pregnant mothers with morning sickness in mind.  (For our All Access Members, there is a more in-depth article on Morning Sickness in our Premium Articles area.)

Cramp Bark/Black Haw Tincture - should you experience any sort of cramping or spot bleeding, these herbs will help to quiet the uterus, to help stop cramping and to help prevent miscarriage (if a "touchy" uterus is the cause.  If there is fetal anomaly or the baby isn't developing correctly to sustain life, these herbs can't change or overcome that unfortunately.)  These herbs are also great at alleviating menstrual cramps!

Pregnancy Tea Plus Tincture - used for the last 6 weeks of pregnancy.  Its the same combination as the Pregnancy Tea (above), with the addition of Squaw Vine, a late pregnancy tonic herb.  MIdwives have reported to us that for their clients who have used this product, they have had a 0% transport rate. 

Alfalfa Caps - high in Vitamin K (the blood coagulating vitamin - the vitamin that helps to stop bleeding), midwives suggest using this herb during the last six weeks of pregnancy to help prevent postpartum hemorrhage, even if there is a history of it..  This is also helpful for moms who wish to avoid the Vitamin K shot for their babies.  (Note:  people on blood-thinning medications should avoid this herb.)   

The coupon code is April2018.  Use this code during checkout in the Coupon Code box, click Apply Coupon and it will apply 20% to these items.  The special runs until midnight on April 30. 

As a sidenote, we are still running the SLEEP discount as well.  It also runs through midnight April 30.  This includes:

Goodnight Combo Tincture - helps to quiet mental chatter while helping one to fall asleep.  Contains Valerian Root.
Goodnight Lite Tincture - same blend as the Goodnight Tincture, with Chamomile rather than Valerian Root. 
Skullcap Tincture - my favorite herb for sleep!
Valerian Root Tincture - one of the strongest herbs for insomnia.  Its also helpful for anyone (including kids) with ADD or ADHD.  If buying for a child, we recommend the non-alcohol version..
Relax Tincture - gently relaxes and takes the edge off.
Chamomile Tea - same.  A wonderful relaxing herb.
Rescue Remedy - a flower essence (which works on the emotional body like herbs work on the physical body) that helps alleviate anxiety, stress, fear, panic, etc.
Happy Day Tincture - helps alleviate depression.  Although it was formulated specifically for pregnant and postpartum moms (breastfeeding or not), anyone can use it, even those on medications.  The link gives more detailed information.

Click HERE to learn more about these products and herbs which includes a list of them in order of strength, and why Valerian Root is such a big deal.

If any of you have ordered any of these items since 4/1, you are welcome to email us at herbinfo@herblore.com(link sends e-mail) with your order number and we will be glad to issue you a credit on file towards a future use for the savings you would have gotten.

Wondering where can you find a list of products that are currently on special?  Under Shop Online-->Specials.  Its right underneath Shop Online --> By Name/Category.   My blog will also have information on our monthly specials!

Take good care, and happy Spring!!

Pam <3