April 20% off special! Liver Tonics, fertility blends, and Happy Day Tincture!

Happy Spring!  This month, we are offering our liver blends to help clean and clear out some of the heaviness from winter from our bodies, and then our fertility blends to help inspire fertility, blossoming and abundance (for those who are on that path)!  

I also felt like some of us might need a little "boost" with our Happy Day Tincture to help bring us out of the long, hard winter that many of us have endured - helping us to bring a little spring sunshine into our lives!

Pregnant Mother's Liver Tonic - perfect for pregnant moms, trying to conceive moms, or anyone who wants a little liver support!  Using this prior to conception may cut down on, or even prevent, morning sickness.

Nursing Mother's Liver Tonic - perfect for nursing moms, or again, anyone who wants liver support.  The Pregnant Mother's Liver Tonic and Nursing Mother's Liver Tonic are similar to eachother.

Pre-Conception Tea - a tea blend specifically formulated for trying to conceive moms to provide extra nutrition, focus energy to the uterus, to prepare the body for pregnancy, and to enhance fertility.

Pre-Conception Tincture - the liquid extract of the Pre-Conception Tea noted above.

Happy Day Tincture - a natural blend used to help depression, anxiety, gloominess, or sadness.  It won't magically fix all of your problems (nothing will), but it will help facilitate processing of deep emotions and the moving out of these heavy moods, working on an energetic and emotional level as well as the physical.  One client explained it as "bringing sunlight to the soul".  It can be used by anyone - pregnant, breastfeeding, men, women, even children. This product was actually created specifically for pregnant and postpartum moms experiencing depression.  There are no drug or other herb interactions with this product.  As flower and gem essences work on a gentle and subtle level, continual use will yield best results.  Read more HERE.

The coupon code for this month is April2017.  Put this into the Coupon Code box during check-out, click Add Coupon, and it will apply your 20% discount to these products in your order.  As usual, active Birthworker Professionals and All Access Members, remember to log in to your account when ordering so that you receive your normal 15% discount on top of this 20%.

The special runs from today, March 31, through Sunday April 30!

With much love and joy in celebrating Spring,

Pam <3